Today in History: December 15, 1912 on the Anatolian Baghdad Railway ...

Today in History
15 December 1912 Rad-su-Aleppo-Tripoli (203km) line was opened in the Anatolian Baghdad Railway.
15 December 1917 Crown Prince Vahidettin and Mustafa Kemal Pasha moved to Germany via Sofia-Budapest-Vienna with a private wagon connected to the Balkan Train. On January 10, 1918 departed from Germany and 4 arrived at the Sirkeci Railway Station in January 1918 with the Balkan Train.
15 December 1921 According to the İkdam newspaper, the American Mc. Dovvel, on behalf of the Gandaş's Company, Samsun-Sivas-Erzurum railway line with the construction of Inebolu and Samsun ports with the American capital is on the project.

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