Inexpensive Skiing at the Bulgarian Ski Resort

bulgaria ski resorts
bulgaria ski resorts

Pamporovo ski center, which attracted the attention of Turks in recent years with its price advantage, opened the season. The ski center 450 kilometers from Istanbul is making its biggest campaign for the Turks.

attention to winter tourism in Turkey every day, unfortunately, the arts need to have a serious budget for skiing in the resort swallow. As such, Turkish skiers prefer the Pamporovo in Bulgaria, the most famous ski resort in the Balkans. Pamporovo is located in the 450 kilometer from Istanbul, the ski resort where Turkish tourists are most satisfied thanks to its easy tracks, cheap accommodation and cheap food.

At the opening of the ski resort last Saturday, it was clearly revealed how much attention the Turkish tourists had received from the minister to the operators of the facilities.

Skiing in Pamporovo has an annual history of 80. Snejanka peak, the peak of the Rhodopes, is 1.928 meters high. In the season the snow thickness reaches up to 2 meters. There are total 60 kilometers in Pamporovo according to the degree of difficulty. With a bed capacity of more than one thousand 10 hotels, the 80 has hosted 200 thousand tourists last year. Bulgarians prefer this place because of the cheap skiing.

Every year, the tourism volume shows an increase of around 15. But the rising trend is Turkish skiers. 2014-2014 season came 9 thousand Turkish tourists. A year ago, this number was around 6 thousand. So Turkish tourists are growing around 65 every year. Nikolay Melemov, Mayor of the city of Smolyan where the facility is connected, said that they aim to increase the number of Turkish tourists to 15 a thousand this year. Pamporovo Ski Resort's CEO Marian Beliakov best business partners in Turkey, he said. Beliakov, 'What is the importance of Turkish tourists for Pamporovo?' The first 3 market goal is answered.

Turkish teacher

Pamporovo is very cheap compared to other ski resorts. 3 bed and breakfast accommodation in a hotel with 15, 5 euro, 20-25 is a bed and breakfast accommodation in a hotel with 27 stars. The daily cost of Ski Pass cards is 30 euro. Students who come to Pamporovo collectively receive discounts up to 4 on Ski Pass. There is also a special ski slope for small children, and a half-day skiing place for children between 6 and XNUMX.

The rent of the ski team is around 10 euro. But the pants and coats are not hired due to the hygiene of the rental service. But it is also possible to provide cheap ski suits in this area. Turkish tourists are so intense; The ski school in Pamporovo has 6 teachers who speak Turkish. 18 euro for children at the price of the hour of ski lessons, the 23 euro for adults.
Food is also affordable in Pamporovo. Dinner is available at 12.5 Euro hotel. Including non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol prices are also low. There is also a wide range of restaurants and a small casino in the area.

240 day sunny

The sunny sunshine of the Balkans, Pamporovo, is a sunny day. It is also the second region with the freshest air in Europe.

Season lasts until May
The season 26 starts in December in Pamporovo. It continues until the end of April. The tracks 200 is white with snow machines placed in separate points. Pamporovo has a total of 5 ski stations, 15 lift. These lifts are capable of carrying over a thousand 13 peaks per hour. In summer, the ski tracks are converted into cycling trails. She wants to enjoy the pedaling oxygen by pulling the oxygen out of her lungs in the magnificent nature she wants.

'Turkish tourists are a must'

Bulgaria's Minister of Youth and Sports Krassen Kralev, Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Georgieva attended the opening of Pamporovo. Olmaz Turkish tourists are a must for us, sa said Georgieva. Turkish tourists are taking steps in front of the government for a multi-entry visa issue, Türk he said. Smolyan Mayor Nikolay Melemov said that Rosen Plevneliev, President Rosen Plevneliev, has stepped in to give Turkish skiers a multi-entry visa and that the draft law will be passed by parliament within a week or two.

3 daily tour 125 euro

Koşukavak from the beginning of the tour in Turkey Tourism specialist in the Balkans, most Turkish tourists in Pamporovo with the company. Company President Rifat Yakupoglu, Pamporovo voiced plays an important role in Turkey is not too close to be so attractive. The company organizes 3, 5 and 7-day tours to Pamporovo. The lowest price of these tours starts at 125 euro. The company also organizes tours to Bansko and Borovest. Other Bulgarian ski resorts are also very cheap


At the peak of Pirin mountain, the ski resort of Bansko has an 1000 ski track between 2 and 600 thousand 15 meters. The runway length of the ski center is 70. From Sofia airport to the city center, there is a 2.5 hour trip to Bansko. There is a 4 night hotel with 7 nightly half board accommodation and 250 euro tours including transportation.


The Borovetz runways are a total of 45 kilometers long and have easy access via the 15 separate lift. There is a minibus every half hour from Sofia Airport to Borovts, located in the Rila mountains, 70 kilometers from Sofia. Since it is easy to get to, the hotels here are expensive with the 2-3 euro compared to Pamporovo. Three-star hotels Bed & Breakfast 17-20 euro, 5 star hotels 25-30 around the euro.