Visa to Bursa Urban Cable Car Line

Bursa Urban Cable Car Line Visa: The famous cable car in Turkey Uludag, Istanbul's Golden Horn, Pierre Loti was happening after the Eyup Sultan and providing transportation.
Now, the means of public transportation!
A modern, new line was made in order to bring the Uludağ of Bursa to a vitality beyond the old days.
The ropeway, which is a model and a solution for public transportation in the city, is now finally undergoing implementation.
The approval of the first implementation of the Mayor Recep Altepe, the Regional Commission on the Preservation of the Natural Heritage of Bursa and the Regional Board for the Preservation of Bursa Cultural Heritage was completed.
In line with the route region and the scope of the route, there was a process that worked through line planning and technical preliminary studies and inter-institutional interviews and evaluations.
The tender process begins.
According to the project…
Zafer Kültürpark on the way to Ankara and Teferrüç Ropeway Station on the slopes will be connected with each other.
The stop at Bursaray Gökdere Station will link the city with rail transportation.
The stop at the historic Irgandi Bridge is both public transport and the traditional city center and tourist e-mail.
I will offer you.
Syste ...
Carriage of at least 10 passengers per car is foreseen.
With the overhead line method, a new alternative that will ease the burden of terrestrial transportation and save time will be implemented.

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