The Gospel of the ski lift to Bucak Hökez Hill

Rise of the cable car to Bucak Hökez Hill: The ski lift will be built on Hökez hill which has the dominance of seeing Bucak from every aspect. Bucak Mayor Süleyman Mutlu said, ele If we can design and implement the ropeway tourism, then why not? Bu he said.

A new project will be realized for our developing and changing Bucak. A ski lift will be built on Hökez hill which has the dominance of seeing every aspect of Bucak. The Teleferk project, which will unite the city forest and Hökez Hill, will be projected upon the high demand from the citizens and presented to the Ministry and the work will begin if it is seen.

Bucak Mayor Süleyman Mutlu informed the press members about the construction of the ropeway from Hökez hill to the Urban Forest.

Mayor Mutlu said, “Economically, our Municipality cannot cover the cost of the cable car, but we will get followers. In the development plan of BAKA, our Bucak is ahead in the fields of industry, tourism and agriculture. Investments will be made in this triple combination. Our Onaç 2 dam is our irrigation place. It is also a place where people can relax as a tourist destination. The summit of Mount Hökez is a flat place. I went out and saw it myself, I recommend everyone to go too. At this summit, we will make different projects for tourism and present them to the Ministry. We will plan and follow up. It is impossible to do this with the municipal budget. The parish is ours. We will continue to work with our institutions and administrative superiors. If we can project the ropeway tourism and get it accepted by the Ministry, why not in the future. By designing a project specific to the nomadic culture, we brought such a thing to our district. kazanI sincerely want to climb.”

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