In Brazil books were a subway ticket

📩 07/12/2018 17:53

In Brazil, books became a subway ticket: Brazilian officials have signed an award-winning project to enhance the country's habit of reading books.

The authorities make a survey for the book reading habit in Brazil, the only year he designed a book quite creative projects for the citizens learned that they read two books.

Facing the conclusion that only two books a year were read, Brazilian officials made a deal with one of the country's largest publishing houses to increase this rate.

According to the agreement, a collection of books could be used as a subway ticket. This collection, which was prepared with ten books in the first place, seems to be designed to be easy to carry because it contains small books in size.

23 because of World Book Day is celebrated on April 10 thousand copies of the book distributed at subway stations in Sao Paolo and placing a bar code on each book 10 one free entry ticket to the subway defined. In addition, the Brazilian authorities who developed software, 10 ticket pass users, more precisely for the readers of these books again on the internet has been made available credit. Thus, it is aimed to increase the habit of reading books by gifting people to others.

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