Books become subway tickets to increase reading rate in Brazil

📩 07/12/2018 18:01

To increase the reading rate in Brazil, books became metro tickets: A highly creative book project was designed to increase the reading rate in Brazil. Books to replace tickets in the subway were launched.

Brazilian officials, who have acted on the average reading of two books a year, found the perfect solution to raise the reading rate. Under the agreement with one of the largest publishing houses in the country, one of the most used public transportation vehicles, which are the subway tickets to replace the market were introduced. You can read your book at the turnstile.

Inside the books such as The Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, and the turnstiles are provided free of charge. For this application, the books were released in a slightly easier to read version. For example, most father classics, Hamlet, 4, 144 pages were printed at once. The American comic book Peanuts, 8 was the 120 page. Sherlock Holmes 8 204 page Hol


The operation of the system is as follows:

10 to Sao Paulo subway stations is distributed to a thousand books. Some special information is placed in the barcodes of specially designed books and it is possible to pass the subway. 10 one free access to each book. In addition, developers who develop a software, users, or rather the 10 voyage after the normal ticket to the chip, such as the internet site allows you to install credit. On the 23 April World Book Day, passengers offering free book-tickets at the metro entrances thought it was a camera joke.

Some of the works published under the ticket-book project are as follows: Great Gatsby, Hamlet, Art of War, Sherlock Holmes-

The world-wide project, silver at the Cannes Lion Festival, promotion and outdoor space; has won a bronze medal in the field of design.


There is another project to encourage reading in Brazil: If prisoners in prison read 12 books within a year, they will receive a discount until the 48 day. The penal code was amended in accordance with this project. But with some conditions:

Books will be literature, philosophy, science or classics. They will finish each book in maximum 4 weeks. Then they will write an article about it. Handwritten without using a book letter, taking care of paragraphs, without any errors and scratches, without overflowing to the edge of the page, read easily kullan

A board will evaluate the article. He'il decide on the case. Thanks to the project, the public grants their books to the prisons.

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