Bolu Kartalkayada Ski Season Opened

Bolu Kartalkayada Ski Season Has Opened: The ski season has opened in Kartalkaya. Bolu's ski center Kartalkaya has opened the season with the snow thickness reaching 80 centimeters.

Ski season opened in Kartalkaya The season opened in BOLU's ski center, Kartalkaya, when the snow thickness reached 80 centimeters. Holidaymakers enjoyed making the first ski of the season on empty tracks, where there is not yet a lot of density. 5 out of 3 hotels in Kartalkaya at the summit of Köroğlu Mountains opened the season. The other 2 hotels are making their final preparations for their customers, which they will accept on December 15. Those who came to the ski center, where the snow thickness reached about 80 centimeters, made the first ski of the season on the tracks. Holidaymakers enjoyed skiing in sunny weather on empty runways due to lack of density yet.

The holidaymakers, who climbed to the summits of the Köroğlu Mountains by cable cars, skied all day on the snow-covered tracks. Dorukkaya Hotel General Manager Yusuf Avcı said that 90 percent of the tracks are ready for ski enthusiasts. Avcı said: “With enough snowfall, we opened the season and started accepting our first customers. We think that the density will increase at the end of the week. Our tracks are 90 percent ready. We will create a good synergy in the new season with the expansion and correction works we will do. According to the seasonal conditions, our snow thickness is also very suitable. The snow thickness on the track we are in now is 120 centimeters. With compressed and artificial snow, we reached a snow thickness of up to 120 centimeters. There is also enough snow on the ski slopes for skiers. ”