BM4 bus line extended to Avcılar Metrobus stop

BM4 bus line has been extended to Avcılar Metrobus stop: To facilitate the transportation of citizens as a result of the negotiations with IETT Regional Directorate of Beylikdüzü Municipality Directorate of Public Works, the BM4 bus line from İhlas Marmara Evleri station to Haramidere Sanayi Sitesi is located at Avcılar Metrobus Station. extended to.

Beylikdüzü, which received service from IETT in the past months in order to facilitate the transportation of the townspeople, brought ring service to Beylikdüzü during the morning hours, from Yeşilkent to Beko and from Beko to Yeşilkent last stop. The BM400 IETT bus line, which now goes from the Ihlas Marmara Evleri stop to Haramidere Industrial Site, has been extended to Avcılar Metrobus. In addition, the number of vehicles in Ihlas Marmara Houses - Bakırköy 4Y and Beylikdüzü - Bakırköy 76 lines has been increased.

Beylikdüzü Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs Transportation Bureau, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the Directorate of Traffic as a result of the interviews to ensure the speed control of vehicles within the district Cumhuriyet Street, Açelya Street and Sakarya Street Mobile EDS system will be started with the controls, more secure transportation and is aimed at ensuring the traffic environment.

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