Bicycle bus era begins in Izmir

The cycle bus era begins in İzmir: ESHOT aims to include cyclists in İzmir to public transportation, thanks to the mechanism installed in front of the buses. The system, which can be easily opened and closed, in which two bicycles can be carried at the same time, will be popularized after the opinions and suggestions of the users. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to take another important step in this field, following the regulations that paved the way for cyclists to travel on the metro and İZBAN trains.

The General Directorate of ESHOT has designed a system where two bicycles can be carried at the same time. It was aimed to be able to use the transport system tried on different cycling models and not to cause problems in terms of the safety of the bicycles. The system is in a closed position on the front of the bus while there is no bike on. If a passenger on a bike ride will be opened quickly by the passenger. The user can start his journey after placing the bike in the transport area. At the end of the journey, it takes only a few seconds to remove the bike and bring it to the closed position if another bike is not being transported.


The bicycle carrying system, which passed the tests successfully, was also presented to the users. Representatives of cycling communities in Izmir visited ESHOT workshops and examined the mechanism on site. The review delegation consisting of Ege Pedal Sports Club President Yusuf Hitit, Thursday Evening Cycling Group Founder Muhlis Dilmaç, Wednesday Evening Cycling Group representative Hüseyin Tekeli and Abdullah Yıldırımkal received information about the system from ESHOT Deputy General Manager Fazıl Olcer and other officials.

Expressing that they want to implement an application that will satisfy all bicycle users in the city, ESHOT officials stated that they will evaluate the suggestions before generalizing the system. The bicycle representatives, who examined the prototype prepared by ESHOT, summarized their thoughts on the new system as follows: Muhlis Dilmaç (Founder of Thursday Night Cycling Community): “We are very pleased, we liked it very much. It was something we wanted for a long time. The bus reaches places that the metro and rail system cannot reach very easily. A system befitting Izmir will be a good practice for the bicycle city of Izmir. We will do a few more trials with different bike models. At least this idea is very positive. It will be very nice when we combine the warm face of the bike with buses. "

Yusuf Hitit (President of Ege Pedal Sports Club): “The way to be civilized is not through high buildings, but through these. We have seen these practices in European countries for years. We would like to thank our municipality for the importance it attaches to bicycles and for its efforts to reduce carbon gas emissions. " Hüseyin Tekeli (Wednesday Evening Cycling Group): “It makes us very happy that the bicycle is accepted as a means of transportation by the local administrations in İzmir. Bicycle is a means of transportation in all modern countries and cities we know. Before, there was a bicycle-metro integration. In the next stage, efforts are made for bicycle-bus integration. Nice application. The system looks very good right now. We will try it with our own bikes and offer our suggestions. I think it will be successful if applied to places where transportation by bicycle is difficult. "

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