Balıkesir Bus Terminal - OSB Rail System Project 1st stage rail system line works are continuing.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Bus Station - OSB Rail System Project Works on the 1st stage rail system line continue

Studies on the tender of "Rail System Line between Bus Station and OSB" to be realized by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality are continuing.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality will operate the line that will start from the Bus Station (Ayşebacı) in the city center of Balıkesir, and will go to the Organized Industrial Zone after stopping at the Industrial, Gar and Yıldız stops.
Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the protocol preparations with TCDD, also started to work on the selection of the stations, overpasses and trains to be used within the scope of the project. The line, which is planned to be used as a domestic vehicle, is planned to be opened until 2018. After the completion of the 1st stage, the works will start for the realization of the 2nd stage, the Edremit - Kabakdere line. (EA)


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