Army ropeway line taking care

Army ropeway line is being taken care of: ORBEL A.Ş. The operating hours of the cable car facility operated by Ordu-Boztepe were reorganized due to planned maintenance work.

Plan 1.500 operating time maintenance ı, which is one of the most severe maintenance of the cable car, will be carried out as planned in 7 standard maintenance. In order not to be a victim of our citizens who want to benefit from the ropeway service, the ropeway working hours were re-arranged by considering the weekend density.

The cable car that will not work between 08.00 and 12.00 hours on the following dates will continue to serve our people more safely after the completion of maintenance works.

14.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

15.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

16.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

17.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

21.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

22.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

23.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

24.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

28.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

29.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

30.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

31.12.2015 (08.00-12.00)

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