Arda Turan took selfie on the subway in Istanbul

Arda Turan took a selfie in the metro in Istanbul: Arda Turan, who transferred to Barcelona for 41 million euros last July, preferred to use the metro in Istanbul the day before.

68-year-old Cihan Sarıkaya, who got on the metro from Osmanbey stop, went to Turan, whom he saw on the subway and said, "Are you not that famous football player, my son?" said. Turan replied, "I'm aunt Arda." The two took selfies on the subway.


Sarıkaya said, “I got on the metro from Osmanbey yesterday at 17.30. Arda Turan was standing on the sidelines with a friend. 'Isn't that the famous football player boy?' I said. I immediately went to him. It was so humble that I liked it very much. Millions of euros were spoken in his transfer, but he was traveling on the subway. Then I pulled out my phone and said 'Let's take a subway selfie together'. I took the first selfie, but when I was blindfolded this time, he said, 'Give me your phone to Aunt Cihan and let me take our selfie'. “We took a subway selfie together,” he said.

Explaining that the passengers noticed Turan after the selfie, Sarıkaya said, “I thanked him. 'How nice my child to be mixed with the people. "I was amazed by his modesty," he said.

Saying that money and fame are not everything, Sarıkaya said, “How nice it is to be a star among the people. I would find Arda very sympathetic on TV. "I saw even better on the subway that he is both a very sympathetic and a very humble star."

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