Antalya Expo 2016 Rail system route criticism

Antalya Expo 2016 Criticizing the rail system route: Antalya Vocational Rooms Coordination Board, Civil Engineers Antalya Branch President Cem Oguz, Antalya transportation problem can be solved by the roads and smart transportation systems, stating that if a regulation to the Çallı Junction will be like the Falez Underpass noted.

Antalya Chamber of Professions Co-ordinator Board, Chamber of Civil Engineers in the city of transportation and organized a press conference about the Junction Junction.

Abit Küçükarslan, Chairman of the Board of Chambers of Professional Affairs of Antalya, likened the urban transportation system to living organisms and stated that a problem to be experienced would affect other areas.

Underlining the necessity of considering the healthy life of the people and not the mobility of the vehicles in transportation solutions, Küçükarslan said, Kar Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is conducting research on the Çallı junction to be made by the highways and it is also asked to carry the Atatürk Statue. First of all, it should be revealed with scientific data whether a new junction is necessary in Calli, which is an important intersection for the city. Transportation works that started in Antalya in 1989 should be finalized and should be made according to the plan. When the environmental roads are thought to be in Antalya, there will be no need for a new arrangement in Calli. Antalya

Antalya Trade Associations Coordination Committee on behalf of the presenters Construction Engineers Chamber of Antalya Branch Chairman Cem Oguz, Turkey's Antalya xnumx'inc with 2 200 thousand million inhabitants of the area that was passed in large cities.

The number of vehicles in the care of Antalya in Turkey Oguz noted that the ranks of xnumx'ünc, "The biggest problem of car ownership projection 4 people falling car parking a car in a city we are busy. As such, transportation is the biggest problem. Plans are not healthy. The buildings where the density of people are high, collapsed into the city center. Transportation planning, ring roads, public transportation need to be improved, intelligent transportation systems need to be done for the solution of urban transportation ü.

In Antalya, 26 said that since the year a transportation plan has not been established, Oğuz said, UM As the mayors change, the plans are changing. Antalya is currently being carried by public transport Antray, nostalgia trolley, city bus red 40 units, white bus 161, 662 midibus 6 months ago. 40 pieces are very distressed by other public transport vehicles except the red bus. Nobody wants to ride on the 30 white bus. One of the new small minibuses. 10 can carry a bus that the passengers will carry. Bunlar

Oğuz, who criticized the interchanges at the city center, said: “There is no signaling at 3 storey intersections in any country in the world. We've got. It was built at the junction of the Çallı junction. Now both will be in the form of 3-folded vine. A simple signaling at the junction can solve the problem with smart junction prompts. Iller Bank is a right crossroad. If you don't continue the intersections, there is no point in making the intersection Kav

Oğuz recorded that the traffic at Çallı junction was jammed between the morning 08.00 -09.00 and the evening 16.00-17.00. N These jams occur in right turns. Because there is a jam at right turns at peak times. We can solve them with a small arrangement. And there's no need for an intersection. We spend the money we spend here on the construction of the ring roads. When these roads are opened, there will be no traffic in the city. The 2012 is entering the 600 vehicle around the intersection at peak times in the countdown. There is no overpass on the mezzanine in any city center. The city's silence should not be disturbed. Şehr

DOUBLE JUNCTION should not be made
If there is a need to make an intersection to Çallı'a Falez junction, such as the problem can be solved by transferring Oguz, the junction should be done after the survey, not the survey, he said.
Oğuz stated that Gazi Boulevard is important for the rail system to be passed, not only today, but also the future, he said.

Emphasizing the need to open zoning roads in order to relax in Antalya, Oguz said, ar These roads are the salvation of Antalya. The capacity of the current ring roads is clear. Every day hundreds of tankers, TIR, tourist bus passes. The way to solve them is to open the ring roads. If the western ring road, north-west coast, north-west ring road does not open, the problem will not be solved. Batı

Expo 2016 Oğuz, who criticized the rail system route to Antalya, said, ya Who will use the rail system after the Expo. If that line is not connected to Kundu, it is an empty investment. Instead of crazy projects in Antalya, we want to do the right projects. We want to show the local and general managers of this city. We are always ready to contribute at this point ız.

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