Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station opens in May 2016

ankara train station
ankara train station

Ankara High Speed ​​Rail Station opened in May 2016: Turkey's first airport with the concept of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Ankara Train Station, completed by spending $ 235 million will be opened in May of next year.

There will be a 6-lane railway at the train station, which is under construction with the partnership of Cengiz Holding-LİMAK Holding and Kolin İnşaat. The launch meeting for the train station, which will include a 140-room hotel, offices, meeting rooms and 180 stores, was held this evening at Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel.

Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of LİMAK Holding, stated the following in his speech at the meeting:

“We can say that very ambitiously; Our new Ankara Train Station, which we are currently launching, will be one of the most beautiful and perhaps the most remarkable structures in the world in a modern sense. It will also work in conjunction with the old train station. We designed our Ankara Train Station, which we plan to open in May, not only as a transportation station, but also as a life, shopping, accommodation, meeting center and a meeting point in the middle of the city. We won the tender of our Ankara Train Station, which is a build-operate-transfer project, in 2013 by offering 19 years and 7 months of operation as Cengiz-LİMAK-Kolin groups. As of today, we have completed 235 percent of the project, which will cost a total of 80 million dollars. ”


Nihat Özdemir continued his words as follows:

“In the new train station, which will be visited by approximately 100 thousand people a day, we will have a hotel with 140 rooms, 180 retail areas including food and beverage areas and a closed car park for 2 vehicles. Ankara Train Station will be a new meeting point of bureaucracy and business world. The leasable offices here will also facilitate the business of business representatives who come to Ankara frequently. Thanks to our meeting rooms of up to 500 thousand square meters, a businessman will be able to return to Istanbul after arriving in Ankara by taking the high-speed train from Istanbul within a few hours and having his meeting. In the event that their meetings extend over several days, they can easily stay in our 4-star hotel in the station. There will also be VIP and CIP lounges within the station. In addition, thanks to the social living space of up to 4 thousand square meters, visitors and passengers will spend quality time. We designed and built our train station as the most comprehensive, the widest, even hotel, not a train station, but a living center, made with the most modern, state-of-the-art techniques. Although we have more time, we are completing this facility in May with a very fast pace.



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