3. The last 391 meter in the bridge project

  1. The last 391 meters in the bridge project: It has been announced that the last 391 meters of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, whose construction work continues rapidly, remains.

1. Regional Directorate of Highways Suspension Bridge Chief Civil Engineer Cevat Alim stated that the works on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are continuing rapidly and said, “The assembly of the last 391 meters remains. The assembly will be completed at the end of February ”.

Alim gave information about the 3rd bridge, the highway built, the tender process and the bridge manufacturing stages at the event organized by the Sakarya University (SAU) Engineering Technologies Community at the SAU Culture and Congress Center. Emphasizing that the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is an exemplary project to the world with its 15-kilometer highway and connection road, two-lane railway, eight-lane highway capacity, pedestrian walkway and aesthetics, Alim said, "When looking at other bridges in the world, it is the first in many areas." .

Stating that the bridge is designed so that two freight trains can pass at the same time, Alim said that the cables have a life span of 100 years and that no change is required due to fatigue. Pointing out that such a strong cable is used for the first time in the world, Alim said, “If we add all the wires end to end, we will have covered a distance of 124 kilometers. This means going around the world 832 times. Cables have a real tensile strength, ”he said. Emphasizing that the most important factor in the construction of the bridge is the wind and that strong winds blow in the area where the bridge will be built, Alim said, “We could not pull the cables during periods of strong winds. The highest wind speed recorded in Istanbul in the last 3 years is 40 kilometers per hour. The bridge has the power to withstand 130 kilometers of wind per hour. The bridge is also 170 kilometers away from the North Anatolian Fault Line, ”he said.



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