Gar-Tekkkeköy Rail System Line Finishes Minibuses (Video)

Gar-Tekkkeköy Rail System Line Completes the Minibuses: The 14 kilometer line of the railway system between the Gar and Tekkkeköy makes the minibus drivers on that route uneasy.

The project of extending the tram line to Tekkeköy mostly makes minibus drivers think. The drivers express that their work will decrease with the extension of the line. Stating that many people eat bread from the minibus line and many people will be victims, Ali Çakır said, “It does, but time shows how much it affects. Will they remove us from here or return us from Shell, our place is not clear. We remain like miserable children. We take 4 times a day. We carry an average of 100-150 passengers. I guess it drops to 50-60 when it comes to the rail system. There are 58 minibuses. 150 people who are brokers and drivers are eating bread from here. " said. Expressing that the new line will eliminate the minibus drivers, Minibus driver Fikret Kuşçulu said, “It will be a shame for so many people. Everyone has children. Those here are not university graduates. What will a primary school graduate do after the age of 50? No explanation was given to us. " he spoke.

Sedat Yüksel, who said that no statement was made to them, said, “We will work side by side with the tram. We have no trouble with the tram. Let it run on the tram. Let us not be a victim. Our request is not to limit our route. It is up to the passenger's choice. Whether he gets on the tram or takes a minibus. There is already unemployment in Samsun. Otherwise, we will always be victims. No explanation was given to us. We expect what will happen. " used the expressions.

Stating that citizens as well as drivers will suffer from this situation, Serdar Keskin said, “It can be good for the citizen. But as tradesmen, we are sure that we will suffer a lot. We are all people eating bread from here. There is already a lot of unemployment in Samsun. I am a vocational high school graduate and work as a driver here. There are also university graduates here. Samsun is now a retired city. This does not happen by building a rail system just by straightening the beach. I think the citizen will also be a victim. Because when the citizen gets into a vehicle from there, maybe he will have to get into a second vehicle. It is said that we will not go until the last route, the square. The citizen will be the victim. He'll have to walk. There will be children, children and bags in hand. "



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