5. International Electronist Fair

The Meeting Point of the Electronic Sub Industry with its Innovated Rich Content, 5. International Electronist Fair: Marmara Exhibition Fairs 6-9 October 2016 Istanbul Fair Center 11. xNUMX International Fair, Electronist, Turkey began to make preparations for the central area of ​​knowledge in the electronics industry and the industry. Renewed with rich content, it has remained in the background in Turkey and importance it deserves see 5 who have been preparing to host the most important electronic meeting focusing on the electronics industry in the region. International Electronist Fair, 5. The hall will allow all industry professionals and interested parties to meet.

Having achieved record increases in the fair industry since its establishment in 1999, Marmara Fair Organization has set a specific growth target for the 2016th International Electronist Fair as in all fair organizations it will organize in 5. Even in the years when it was organized as integrated with the Led & Lighting Fair, the growth figures that were attained and fixed as a target in the Electronist Fair indicated, in the 2016 organization, again, similar successful growth rates in numbers such as the number of participants, net fairgrounds or visitors expected to be reached. Especially with regard to the organization in 2016, the renewed rich content of the Electronist Fair and the increase in the targeted sectors with the arrangement made, it is expected that the growth rate of this year's organization will reach a rate above the 20% growth rate determined by Marmara Fair Organization for each fair.

The International Electronist Fair, which has been presented to the sector with its new content and new face as a result of the intensive project planning meetings that are carried out throughout October, is expected to be met with the interest of the sector in 2016 as in previous years. In particular, given the positive responses received from the 2015 year participants, where the first stage interviews were conducted first, it is already foreseeable that a growth above that of the 20, already established by the board of directors, could be realized at the International Electronist Fair this year.

Also the theme of 2016 of Electronist Fair is; Industry 4.0, which is being discussed all over the world, has been initiated under the leadership of Germany; The concept of the fourth industrial revolution following steam, electricity and computer controlled systems, developed autonomous machines and their understanding of production based on their communication or data exchange alışveriş Previously known only by experts of the subject, Industry 4.0 and the ones used in trade fairs and events organized by Marmara Fairs In connection with it, oluştur Internet of Things Fuar topics will be the theme of the fairs organized by Marmara Advertisement Fair in 2016.

2014 91 company participates in Electronist Fair, 2015 94 company in XNUMX
It has received. In the 2014 m613 again, the 2 2015 701
m2. Looking at the number of visitors, this is the number of visitors last year
Electronist Fair has been reached to keep visitors in 2014 this year.
He has succeeded.

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