3. bridge will unite two continents at the end of February

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  1. The bridge will unite the two continents at the end of February: Works on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is a continuation of the historical Silk Road, continue despite the weather opposition. 391 meters left before the two sides meet. The continents will meet for the 4th time at the end of February.

Works on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is the continuation of the historical Silk Road, continue in a controlled manner with the efforts of engineers and foremen despite the weather opposition. 391 meters left for the completion of the bridge construction. At the end of February, the two continents of the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge will join the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge for the 4th time after Marmaray.

17 is down

While the assembly of a total of 59 steel deck segments was planned, 21 giant decks were placed on the European and Asian sides. The production of the remaining 17 steel deck segments continues at the facilities in Tuzla and Altınova.

One thousand 408 meters of the main span in the main span, which will connect the two sides, was completed. One thousand 17 meters were completed and the 391 meters remained.

The wiring harnesses are still in place when the main wiring harnesses are completed.
Highways end order in February

Officials of the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), who updated the plans of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, to fulfill the request for the assembly of decks at the end of February, state that the continents will meet on this date.

Minister Yıldırım, Satellite, Space and Technology Days powered by TÜRKSAT event 3. The General Directorate of Highways, Ismail Kartal, had ordered the closure of the Bosphorus traffic to complete the unloading of the 17 deck for the bridge.

The mega project, which is aimed to be an exemplary project to the world with its total 95 mile highway and connection road, two-lane railway, eight-lane highway capacity, pedestrian walk way and aesthetics, is the first in many ways in the world.

Longest suspension bridge with rail system

When completed, 59 strip with 408 meter width, the longest suspension bridge with the world's largest, one thousand 320 meters and the highest suspension bridge over the 2 meter and 8 strip to the XNUMX strip rail system will be reserved for automobile traffic. .

About 4,5 will cost $ 1 billion 3. The Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway project are being constructed by ICA with build-operate-transfer model.

The route of the bridge is located in the village of Garipçe in Sarıyer on the European side and in the Poyrazköy district of Beykoz on the Anatolian side.

The lights of the bridge greet ships

While a temporary lighting system was installed on the towers, ground and hanging ropes of the bridge to continue the works on the construction site, the lights rising from the north of the Bosphorus salute the passing ships.

While AA captured the latest situation in the project and the sunset from Rumeli Lighthouse, the two grazing cows entering the frame created fun images.

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