3. Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Concept Contest Results

  1. Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Concept Competition has been concluded: Istanbul New Airport 'Air Traffic Control Tower Concept Design Competition' has been concluded. AECOM and Pininfarina won the competition with its work inspired by the 'tulip' figure.

Third Airport ”Air Traffic Control Tower Concept Competition was concluded. The tower, designed by AECOM and Pininafarina inspired by tulip flowers, won the competition. İGA CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu made a statement about the result of the competition, AECOM and Pininfarina'nın 'tulip' inspired by the flower 'Air Traffic Control Tower' Istanbul New Airport will add a lot of symbolic sense, he said. Akcayoglu is "one of the world's largest aviation hub recognized as one of the projects and Turkey, which will be the peak of its role in the international aviation industry Istanbul New Airport is the most important element that 'Air Traffic Control Tower design, we wanted to determine how an international race we opened. In this field, important companies of the world participated in the competition with their valuable designs. After a challenging selection process, we chose the concept tower design inspired by AECOM and Pininfarina's 'tulip' flower. The construction of the tower will begin in May of next year. We are planning to complete the 'Air Traffic Control Tower' in October of 2017..

The design includes an elliptical tower for all passengers to use the new airport. The tower, which was planned to be completed in October of 2017, was designed with the inspiration of the tulip figure which has become the symbol of Istanbul for centuries and has cultural importance in Turkish history.

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