3. National Signal Project at Regional Directorate

  1. National Signal Project in Regional Directorate: Investigated by Ali İhsan Uygun, Assistant General Manager, examined the Buharkent - Horsunlu (Aydın) stage in the native signal management.

Executive Vice President Ali İhsan Uygun, 3. He examined the Buharkent - Horsunlu (Aydın) stage in the local signal management system, which was piloted by the Regional Directorate.

Deputy General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun meeting, 3. Regional Director V. Murat Bakır, Director of the Institute of Tubitak Mehmet Sezgin and technical personnel who follow the subject and carry out the applications were attended. Tübitak officials gave a briefing about the project, the 2016 partners in Denizli between the completion of the work to be completed and continue to work, as well as the completion of the signal work on the route to the Partners - Selcuk and Afyon - Denizli route on the route of the 500 kilometer said that the use of domestic signal will take place.

Assistant General Manager Appropriate; for their projects and applications and conveyed their gratitude. He said that National Signal studies should be carried out in all regions of TCDD and studies should be continued in such a way as to increase from Level ”0 alar to Level ası 1” without slowing down.

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