Istanbul 3. Tender for 2016 for Airport Rail Connection Project

AYGM Istanbul 3. Airport Rail System Connection Project In the last quarter of 2016, the tender for the construction of the line and the purchase of vehicles is planned

General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM), tarafından Istanbul 3. New developments regarding the tender for the. Airport Rail System Connection Bağlantı were recorded.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; it is planned to make a tender in the last quarter of 2016 for the construction of this line and the purchase of light rail vehicles. The number of vehicles is expected to become clearer in the coming months.
As it is known, Yüksel Project won the tender for the study and project works of the line. Approximate cost of 14.625.440 TL 27 2015 12.987.330,00 contract on the day of the contract was signed.
At this stage, Yüksel Proje has been conducting surveys since August.
Reference: Investments 1244 / 03 August 2015 (APE)