3. Airport flew real estate prices

  1. The airport flew property prices: Istanbul's 3, which is expected to be the world's highest passenger capacity when completed. The airport flew property prices in places where it passed.
  2. The prices in Çatalca, which is located on the route of the airport, increased by 76,46 and by 29,81 in Eyüp. Average rental prices for the project exceeded TL 1,000 thousand in Arnavutköy and Çatalca, 3 thousand in Eyüp and 4 thousand in Sarıyer.
  3. Sahibinden.com, one of the e-commerce platforms related to the airport, has announced the real estate data for October in 2015 in the districts affected by the project. Real estate prices continue to increase on the routes where the 3rd Airport passes. Real estate sales prices in Çatalca, which is on this route, have increased by approximately 1 percent in the last year and 76,46 percent in Eyüp.

According to real estate index data, rental prices in Çatalca, another district portrayed by the airport, increased by 28,29 compared to last year. According to the average of October 2015 leased property price was 1.045 TL. On the other hand, the increase in the prices of house prices was at the rate of 76,46, while the average price reached to 456 TL. The price of square meters for sale in Çatalca was 099 with an increase of 28,14.

Real estate prices increased in Eyüp, one of the largest districts of Istanbul. Rental properties in Eyup owned by 2015 Real Estate Index 5,62 October increased by 3 and the average 277 thousand 29,81 TL was. Real estates for sale also increased by 682 and found 427 thousand 32,01 TL. Square meters prices have increased by 4 531 thousand XNUMX TL has reached the sale.


Rental property prices in Sarıyer increased by 26,81 compared to last year. In October 2015, leaseholders received an average of 4 thousand 201 TL. Real estates for sale have increased by 52,27 and the average 2 million 173 thousand 080 TL reached. Square meter prices for real estate have increased by 50 and 9,350 was TL.

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