10 with Hyperloop 1 km per second

10 in seconds with hyperloop 1 km Rapidly Journey to do: Tesla and SpaceX founder of the US billionaire Elon Musk, has long time been working on has introduced a new means of transport hyperloop In the 2013 and hyperloop 's would be faster and cheaper means of transportation from the high-speed train he said. However, this idea was a very pale dream and never had a voice from the Hyperloop project.

Year 2015 breaks and new news about Hyperloop appeared.

Elon Musk; 'We are currently working on the hyperloop project with my 500 employee and we are going to implement this project soon. The first prototype named TRANSRAPID will take place on the highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and there will be no problem of building. A plane carries passengers to 94 $ between these cities, but we will draw this cost to 20-30 $. Firstly, our cost will be greatly reduced and the price will be lowered because we will produce our own energy. Since we will reach high speeds, we will save a lot of time so that the Hyperloop system will be faster than the aircraft at short distances because we will have lost time during the ascent and descent of the plane. ' said.

If we ask, what is Hyperloop, we can give a capsule response that can be carried by a magnetic field or compressed air, which can reach incredibly fast speeds in an elevated tube. To make it even worse, the Hyperloop allows you to travel in a capsule that does not touch the ground and can be reached at great speeds in a frictionless environment, as the tube is aired slightly. These capsules can reach 1200 km per hour. Even if the distance between these two cities is by plane 30 hours 1 minutes while UM 15 minutes la is really a good time. If the trip between LA and SF is going to be half an hour, we can say that the journey from San Francisco to New York, or from one end of the USA to the other, will take about 30 hours. Hyperloop's energy to take away from the sun with the environmentally friendly people allow people to pay less transportation. It is said that the price of the project can be changed between 2,5-20 dollars if the project realized with the slogan iyor As fast as the plane, as cheap as the train fiyat is realized. And the project was started.

With the realization of this project, transportation costs will be taken down and the speed reign of the airways will be completed. This system that will replace the high-speed trains will connect the cities together with social activity and transportation will increase as well. With the transition to this system of world states, shopping will be faster. You will not need to wait for 15-25 days to place an order from China. If you assume you are expecting 2 day shipping, you will have your order in China in two days.

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  1. There are some technical inaccuracies in this article-news
    Do you?

    10 is within the 1 km within the km, so v = 01 km / sec
    written to go with speed. In other words, this means v = 360 km / h.
    On the other hand, the travel speed is v = 1.200 km / h.
    given. You must make a decision that it is !!!

    Technically, v = 360 km / hr. Very logical, most economical,
    With current technical and technology already actual samples available.

    I have already been in my various comments vMax.lar500
    km / h speed up to date technical, technological and especially ECONOMIC upper limit
    I have always said that I have defined, I have written, I have stated. This is not my claim. Whoever,
    AYHT / SYHT / YHT technique, with systems
    The really busy, and articles in scientific R & D in this industry, scientific presentations,
    If the interest is regularly followed by symposiums,
    knows that the result of research (must know).

    This news is, of course, interesting, exciting,
    this type of R & D should be encouraged. Germany in vain
    Japan About> 3.Billion USD each so far on MagLev
    I tilt. SpinOff obtained side effects, the benefits can not count
    degree too. However, Physics / Natural Sciences and Engineering Theories
    not be dropped. As long as our atmosphere and its density are in our earth,
    the resistance of the air gives this result. This is the real result for Americans and Turks
    also valid.

    The only possible solution is: a tunnel in the appropriate
    vehicle. Here, first, how to transfer one of the rear of the air mass at the ball and front of the vehicle, which method thereof and
    you have to explain that it will be done with pumps. It will be invested in construction and technique
    For the sake of money, let's see before the investors come out. ECONOMIC reality of the work
    If the debate, then let's do it together!

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