Zonguldak ropeway project gets stuck in 18

Zonguldak ropeway project gets stuck in 18: Zonguldak will take the city traffic if Vali Ali Kaban's Ropeway Project

The cable car is on 18!

Dilek Kılav, Director of Culture and Social Affairs of Zonguldak Special Provincial Administration, spoke to Halkın Sesi about the ropeway project planned to be built in Ontemmuz quarter in Zonguldak. The project will bring a breath of fresh air to Zonguldak said that the only obstacle to the operation of the cable car Zonguldak Municipality is the work of the divide, he said.

N 18 application problem “

KIlav stated that Zonguldak Municipality should complete the groundwork for the project to be implemented and said that the 3 acres of the 10 tower in the Lavuar area should be bought. There is a field project. Of course, this is a project that can progress in the future. From Fener to Kapuz, Ontemmuz hill can be in a transition to Kozlu. This is a monthly project of 9. There is a problem due to the failure of the municipality to implement the 18 application. Not all of the lavatory area can be purchased. Because the fair value is high. The cost of the area is 6 million TL. The state can call the related companies and implement the build-operate-transfer model. Devlet

“Protect your goal“

Stating that their aim is to add a new breath to Zonguldak by preserving cultural assets, Kilav finally spoke as follows. “Our goal is to protect the towers. The Lavuar area is already under protection. We can restore the towers and turn them into a restaurant within the project, with beautiful lighting. kazanwe can go. The most beautiful project that can be implemented for Zonguldak. A project that can bring a different breath to Zonguldak. “

What is the 18 application?

Land and land arrangement is defined by terms such as dough rule, parceling, referencing and zoning. According to the Zoning Law numbered 3194, the land and land arrangement shall be carried out by the municipality within the boundaries of the municipality and the contiguous areas, and by the governorships within the boundaries, with the surpluses, to be combined with the places which belong to the public institutions or municipalities, to allocate them to the proper land and parcels according to the reconstruction plan, to distribute them to the right holders according to the principles of individual, shareholding or condominium and to perform the registration procedures on their own behalf.

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