Star Mountain Ski Center Destination First 5

Goal Top 5 in Yıldız Mountain Ski Center: Aerial view of the ongoing constructions in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center - Statement of Sivas Special Provincial Administration General Secretary Salih Ayhan Target "top 5" in Yıldız Mountain ski center - Yıldız, which was opened last season in Sivas the mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, yürütülüyor- work to become one of the attractions in this area of ​​Sivas Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Ayhan: - "our goal is to enter the top 5 among the ski centers in Turkey. I hope we will achieve this too "

Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which started to host skiers in Sivas last season, has been working intensely to make it one of the favorite places in its field. Artificial snow, night lighting, hotel, ice rink, daily and other social facilities are under construction.

In addition to skiing and toboggan run as well as 2 lifts, escalators and the mechanical facilities such as t-bars Star Mountain, it is expected to take place between Turkey's leading winter tourism centers. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih Ayhan said that the facility has become a center of attraction in a short time and that they are working hard to strengthen the tourism infrastructure in the center, and that they used the chair lifts and tracks for the first time in the center, which was opened last year.

First season operating experience kazanExpressing that they are happy, Ayhan said that they want to bring the buildings, which are under construction with intense work, to the new season. Stating that the ski center is located at an altitude of 700 meters, Ayhan stated that 300 people working in cold weather are making great efforts to put the constructions here to the service of the public.

“Investment of 100 million lira”, Ayhan said that the cost of the contracted works is 82 million 500 thousand TL, and that a few works such as hillside houses and walking areas are in the planning phase, and that the cost of the project will increase to 100 million lira. Stating that it will not pass, Ayhan said, “Winter will now be fun and will contribute to the employment and social area of ​​the region. We will implement a project called 'The Stars of Sivas is Growing' for 250 months to 4 successful students from our villages in the region. ”Ayhan stated that they will also implement projects for the summer months in order to keep the region more vibrant. Explaining that they aim to start receiving reservations, Ayhan stated that the daily facilities are also at the stage of completion. Ayhan stated that they will put 15 facilities in the center for tourism.

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