Last bend in the Yenikent Commuter Train Line project

Yenikent Suburban Train Line project in the last corner: Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, Yenikent commuter train line project completion and completion of the tender phase, the approval of the tender will start to work quickly after the work

Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, the region's social and economic structure will deeply affect the tender of the suburban railway line gave the good news.

Following the approval of the tender, the construction work will begin 14 kilometers long train line, will continue to Yenikent from Xinjiang. A new station will be built along the new line at Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, Yenikent Merkez and Yenikent Sanayi. Thus, Yenikent, where citizens have problems in transportation due to its distance, will benefit from the rail system which provides a significant comfort and comfort.

'Bilkent like get' the project will be breathing in Sincan, emphasizing the President Tuna, said: 'This project will gain value in the apartments in Yenikent. 700 4 is an area of ​​500. We have a study on campus. If this project is realized, the region will grow rapidly and rapidly. We want the university campus to be like Bilkent. Thus, the suburban line will be passed through the university as well Böylece. Ankara's next 100 year, planning to discuss the investment in this framework Tuna, Eskişehir State Highway, Ayaş State Road and Istanbul Environmental Road were working on a project that will connect together, he added.

. Second Ring Road rahat This project will be a step forward in the future of Ankara's second ring road, ti said Tuna. ”With this road, 40 will take a sigh of relief both in Ankara and Ankara. There will be seven bridged crossroads on the 40 kilometer, a viaduct of 700 meters, five overpasses and three railway underpass bridges. Currently, the General Directorate of Highways continues the tender stage. After the tender process is completed, Xinjiang will enter the golden age in transportation. İhale


Tuna said that they are working on opening a boulevard that will link Eskişehir Highway with Vatan Avenue and said: cak Sincan Merkez connects with Eskişehir Highway. With this boulevard, Sincan will also live its golden age in transportation. We are trying to pave the way for growth and to anticipate the problems that we may face in the future. Our district will become a star of Ankara with its transportation, infrastructure and urbanization. İl

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