TÜVASAŞ to Produce National Electric Train Sets at its Factory

tuvasasta national train shift
tuvasasta national train shift

📩 27/01/2022 11:58

TÜVASAŞ, which has made great contributions to the country's economy with its wagon productions for years, will break new ground and produce Electric Train Sets (EMU) in its factory within the scope of the National Train Project. In the project, which is expected to have a local rate of 60 percent, 111 train lines, each consisting of four vehicles, in other words, a total of 444 vehicles will be produced. TÜVASAŞ, which is preparing to produce "aluminum body" train sets, including bogies, will establish an aluminum body production facility within the scope of the project. During our visit to TÜVASAŞ, which produces 75 wagons annually, we talked with Hikmet Öztürk, the Deputy General Manager, about their new projects and investments.

TÜVASAŞ will produce Electric Train Sets in its own factory. Visual design studies of New Generation EMU sets have been completed. A detailed contract was signed with TÜVASAŞ for engineering studies.

TÜVASAŞ, which is a first in the scope of the National Train Project, will produce Electric Train Sets in its own factory. For the project, which will announce its name to the world, an aluminum body production facility will be established within TÜVASAŞ. The project, which is projected as 60, will be manufactured completely by TÜVASAŞ including bogies. Visual design studies of New Generation EMU sets have been completed. A detailed contract was signed with TÜVASAŞ for engineering studies. We met with Hikmet Öztürk, the General Manager of TÜVASAŞ, who produces an average annual 75 wagon.

In recent years, TÜVASAŞ has been accelerating its efforts to export wagons abroad. TUVASAS 80 779 359 73 75 500 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

2011 produced three sets, a total of nine vehicles of diesel trains in the factory, along with the production of Marmaray vehicles in 144 units (jointly with EUROTEM). 2012 28 20 50 49 2012 30 31.12.2014 870 36 964 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX TÜVASAŞ, which has made maintenance, repair, overhaul and modernization of XNUMX passenger cars with thousands of passenger cars and XNUMX passenger cars, is one of the major customers of TCDD. contributes significantly.

Can we get general information about your production and lines in TÜVASAŞ? Only the wagon is produced here?

The railway transportation, which started in our country in 1866, was made entirely of imported vehicles, and maintenance-repairs were carried out as foreign-dependent. This situation has caused continuous problems and interruptions in the railway operation and increased the costs. The first facilities of TÜVASAŞ were established on October 25, 1951 with the aim of eliminating these problems. Wagon Repair Workshop was launched under the name. In 1961, the first wagon was produced in the establishment, which was transformed into Adapazarı Railway Factory (ADF) in 1962. In 1975, the production of RIC type passenger wagons at international standards was started in the facilities named “Adapazarı Wagon Industry Institution” (ADVAS).

winner of the year 1986 the present status of Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ), passenger coaches, electric-diesel train sets and electric suburbs of manufacturing sequences, as well as research and development activities and civil service issues by doing the work, aims to produce new projects.

Can you tell us about your annual production figures?

Annual production figures vary according to the demand of TCDD and export of our factory abroad. Our annual manufacturing and modernization capacity has the capacity to repair 80 wagons and 779 wagons annually in the 359 square 73 square meter area.

Which companies do you have in your purchase process?

The procurement of machinery is carried out within the framework of the provisions of the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) numbered 4734. For this reason, the requests made to the auctions are evaluated and the transaction process is carried out accordingly.

What are the most important criteria that you pay particular attention to when making your purchases?

For us, the priorities are specified in the specification. Each purchase has different specification requests. It is our priority that the purchased machines are manufactured according to the purpose and are suitable for the specifications.

How do your post-purchase care processes work?

Maintenance and repairs of the machines covered by the warranty are undertaken by the company purchased. For these reasons, these items are considered in certain articles in the products which are opened to the tender for the necessary maintenance and repairs. Therefore, at this point acquisitions are being undertaken by the company. In addition, the maintenance and repair of the machines covered by the warranty is made by the unit established within the body of the Auxiliary Enterprises in our factory. Here we have a section dedicated to this type of work and our employees.

Can you tell us how the control process of the products you produce works?

The quality control procedures of the raw materials and semi-finished products to be used in production are carried out by our personnel at the workplace or in our company. Quality controls are carried out in two stages of production of our final products during and after production. During the production stage, the controls of the measurements and the control of the connections and electrical and electronic systems are carried out with non-destructive tests of weld seams, controls on the application of sand blasting and paint group materials. After the production, the brake system, electrical and sanitary installations of the final product, functional controls of the air conditioning unit and automatic door system are made.

So whether your choice in your purchases is domestic or foreign?

In order to contribute to the national economy as a factory and to support the domestic investors, we have the choice of a local machine. However, the Turkish machinery industry is slowly adapting to the railway sector. In fact, I observe that the domestic machinery industry has not yet been able to produce the desired level of machinery in the railway sector. Wagon lifting jacks used to raise the wagons to the desired height for the installation of the equipments under the wagons were started to use domestic jacks due to the fact that the desired quality was achieved in domestic production while it was previously foreign.

Could you briefly inform us about your final project?

The Diesel Train Set (DMU) vehicles project, which started to be produced in 2010, consists of a total of 12 vehicles, 3 of which are triple and 12 are quadruple vehicles. The production of these vehicles was completed until the end of 4 and they were delivered to TCDD. As a continuation of this project, 84 vehicles are currently being produced for TCDD. After the production of these vehicles is finished, they will be configured with the first delivered 2013 vehicles and a total of 124 Diesel Train Sets will be delivered to TCDD by the end of 84.

As of April 2014, 6, a total of 4 passenger wagons, 2 of which were produced at the end of 2, 14 bunks, 23 bunks, 2015 beds and 160 meals were sent to Iraq. TÜVASAŞ will continue to contribute to our country's economy by speeding up its export of wagons and making efforts to increase its market share in international markets. These luxury passenger wagons, whose project and design are completely realized by TÜVASAŞ and can reach speeds of up to XNUMX kilometers, are equipped with air conditioning, automatic door system, air brake system and double toilets in each wagon.

We believe that it is an investment that will make a significant contribution to our country in terms of increasing domestic employment and technology transfer with the gearbox Maintenance Repair and Assembly Workshop that we established jointly by the German VOITH company.

Do you have any idea to make any investment between 2015-2016? What are your goals?

Many projects are implemented in our factory during the year. Therefore, our purchases are continuous. New investments are planned for the production of the Electric Train Sets that are planned to be produced within the scope of the National Train Project in our factory.

Turkey Following the high-speed train breakthrough, signing a previously successful projects for the implementation of domestic rail projects TÜVASAŞ experienced and produces the New Generation EMI sets that need TCDD with cumulative squad preparing to take a national pride more signatures.

TÜVASAŞ, which has made great contributions to the economy of the country, will be the first to produce Electric Train Sets (EMU) in our factory within the scope of National Train Project. 160 train series will be produced with four vehicles, each of which will be 111 km / h at maximum operating speed and 444 vehicles are planned to be in total. The project, which is projected as 60, will be manufactured entirely by TÜVASAŞ including bogies.

Visual design studies of New Generation EMU sets have been completed. A detailed contract was signed with TÜVASAŞ for engineering studies. The project development process continues in cooperation with TCDD.

The biggest feature of this project is its aluminum body. In the name of Turkey within the scope of the project which will be announced to the world TÜVASAŞ aluminum body production facility will be established. These new facilities will include modern welding technologies, body processing center, paint and sand blasting technologies. This facility will be the first railway vehicles manufacturing industry in Turkey. TÜVASAŞ will have the state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities with its welding automation and large-scale business center.

The project will have TSI (Mutual Operability Technical Conditions) certificate and will be accepted in international markets. TSI certification also brings high safety and comfort standards in train sets. Train series to be produced; electronic passenger information systems, buffet and food and beverage automats, compartments for disabled passengers, internet access, ergonomic seats, automatic door systems, automatic air conditioning systems, vacuum toilet systems, such as passenger comfort systems will be available.

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