The children who do not train wagons Turkey warmed project

wagon train project without children warmed Turkey: Trabzon years he let the train come to expect from Trabzon, a terrific students 'cars' were examples of the project.

Trabzon Ortahisar Iskenderpasa Secondary School and Karadeniz Eregli with a school in partnership with the 'love, peace, friendship train' project with the students living in other cities of the country's life styles, cultures, places where they have the opportunity to get to know.

The Love, Peace and Friendship Train, the project mascot, develops students' imagination. Self-confidence by expressing your own ideas. The concept of love, peace and friendship is transformed into a way of thinking and gaining new experiences and experiences through the use of ICT tools.

Within the scope of this project, students expressing their thoughts about love, peace and friendship are sending their big feelings to small wagons from the school.

4 of the train which will travel all the dormitories. Trabzon wagon with wagon was prepared by the students of Iskenderpasa Secondary School. The train will be completed with the wagons collected from every region of our country and will be exhibited in April.



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