Number of Train Passengers Increases Every Day in Batman

The Number of Train Passengers Increases Every Day in Batman: With the intensity of plane and bus services, those who have insufficient financial means prefer to travel by train.

Aircraft and bus services, as well as increasing the number of trains are increasing every day.

Students, civil servants and citizens living in villages close to Batman are showing interest in the daily train service.

South Express departs from Batman to Ankara at 5:11 in the morning, 00 days a week, while the regional train carries passengers to Diyarbakır at 05:00 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon.

In the case of a new circular, those with a disability status of% 40 were also provided free of charge.

Making a statement about the train passenger fees and the newly issued disability circular, Halil Saruhan, Deputy Station Manager said, “Within the scope of the circular, our passengers with a disability status of 40% register at the Social Aid Directorate and receive a card, we have provided them with the opportunity to travel free of charge. Passengers in this category card is valid for all persons with disabilities in Turkey. In addition, within the circular, full ticket is 35.50 TL for passengers traveling to Ankara, 0-7 years old free of charge, 8-12 years 50% discount, 13-26 years 20% discount, 60-64 years old While we were determined to be 20, we also offered a 65% discount for our passengers over 50. For citizens traveling by Regional Train, a full ticket is 4.25 TL. Age categories are also valid for regional train travel.

There is also a discount of% 20 for round-tripers, and passengers are also able to buy tickets on the internet.

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  1. Always ask for better, always chase. diyarbakır-batman line, as far as you know, is a straight line with no geographical obstacles. This line can be electrified first. Afterwards, the Sivas Malatya line, I think, this partially electrified line and the Malatya diyarbakır line can be made double-line and electrified, and Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya and Antalya connection can be provided via Sivas. In addition, a train can be placed from Batman to Mersin with a dicle expres. Also, making FDI from kurtalan to siirt is the debt of the AK party government's neck (you all know why). If the poem is DY, all of what I said can be considered from Siirt.