Tatvan-Mus-Ankara Train Flights Started

Tatvan-Muş-Ankara Train Expeditions Started: The trains between Tatvan and Muş-Ankara started again after five months.

Tatvan-Muş-Bingöl (Castle) -Bingöl (Young) -Elazığ-Malatya-Sivas and Kayseri route to Ankara, Van Lake Express, Muş-Tatvan railway works between the renovations since June 2015 was stopped. The 30 restarted after months when the railroad tracks were completely replaced on the 5 kilometer. The resumption of trains, especially the students and citizens who have loaded goods were happy. With the relaunch of trains, which are more cost-effective than road and air transportation, citizens started to showcasing the train.

Van Lake Express will be served on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while the Bingol Kale Station to go to the citizen of the Sadik Yakan, said that they were most satisfied with the resumption of train services. Una It is both costly and cheap to travel by train, una said Yakan. We have no choice but to train. I use the train continuously. Sürekli

Yaşar Tanyeri, who works as a security officer on the railroad, stated that the train services are in line with the budget and especially the students prefer the train.

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  1. Can Vangölü express its arrival time from Ankara to Tatvan? so I think it might be a chance to train every day.