Increasing snow thickness in ski resorts

Snow depth increases in ski resorts: In Bolu, Erzurum and Uludağ, the thickness of the snow showing its face increased up to 10 centimeters.

After the snowfall effective in the higher parts of Bolu, the ski center Kartalkaya also turned white. Those who spent Sunday in Kartalkaya, where the snow thickness reached 5 centimeters, played snowballs under the flaky snow.

Rainfall, which was effective during the night, turned into snow in the high parts of the city. Kartalkaya, where the air temperature has fallen below 6 to zero, was covered with white snow. In the ski center at the peak of Köroğlu Mountains, the snow thickness reached approximately 5 centimeters with snowfall. With the snow, the ski slopes were filled with snow. After the snowfall in the facilities in the ski resort accelerated their preparations. The hotels are preparing their final preparations to open the ski season. Some citizens who want to evaluate the first snowfall Kartalkaya'ya heavily falling into the ski center to enjoy the snow ball in the bottom of the flaky belly.

In Erzurum, where spring air has been effective for a long time, snow showed its face again. Today at noon snowed into the city center. Morning rain, rain, left no place at noon. 1, the only snow in Erzurum in the Eastern Anatolia Region, made the hotel operators laugh in Palandöken. 12 Regional Directorate of Meteorology in Erzurum Prediction and Warning Center warned citizens of snow and cold weather. Authorities, with the precipitation of air temperatures 3 5 until Tuesday, 10 and 15 after Tuesday will be reduced degrees, he said. Emphasizing that the lowest air temperature in Erzurum is measured as 0 Meteorology, by the end of the week, waiting for the snow in the east of the snow is expected to leave on Friday announced the region.

Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter snowfall began yesterday continues with intervals. Snow depth at the peak reached 10 centimeters. The snowfall that started yesterday in the Uludağ Hotels Region continued at intervals throughout the night. The peak, where the snow thickness was measured as 10 centimeters by the meteorology teams, turned white. Meteorology officials stated that the snowfall is expected to continue for two more days and the air temperature is 2 degrees below zero.