Burulaş in Bursa has made another increase in transportation

Bursa Burulaş made another hike in transport: Following the hike in a row in Bursa, one of Turkey's most expensive city using public transportation to transport the Metropolitan Municipality came one more time. The loading fees have been increased from 3 lira to 5 lira! In a sense, the bill for the minimum wage, which is said to be raised, has already started to be taken from the citizens.

Another hike came from Burulaş, the affiliate of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

After the hike on top of Bursa, the city had become one of the most expensive public transportation in Turkey.

This time, Burulaş increased the card loading fees. At least 3 lira will have to be loaded on the "Bukarts", which were previously loaded with 5 liras.

In other words, citizens who do not have 5 lira in their pocket will not be able to use their "Bukart".

After the increase in the card loading fee before the 3 pound 5 pounds were raised, but the citizens had to step back after a hard reaction Burulaş, card recharging fees 3 pounded again.

Bursalılar, "Bukart" hike; They reacted on social media with the words that the bill for the minimum wage, which is said to increase, started to be taken from us before it was raised.

On the other hand, Burulaş officials made a statement to Today in Bursa and did not show any justification for the increase, “It was raised, this tariff will be valid from now on. They were content to say "that's all".

On the other hand, after the news, Burulaş Former Board Member Necmettin Şengül, DSP member, made a statement to Bursa Today, and used the following statements:

“When I left my job in Bursaray 12,5 years ago, the cost of this card was 5-6 TL and a single trip was 40 kurus. Since that day, the increase in electricity, labor and spare parts prices has not reached 500% so that these increases can be made. They made a 300% increase in gasoline and diesel. We left gasoline at 1.49 TL and diesel at 1.23 TL. If the use of our BURULAŞ, BESAŞ companies as a barrel and the president's expense pool cannot be prevented without much ado, the persecution of our people will continue. In BURSARAY, the cost of transportation cannot exceed 1.65 TL and BESAŞ bread cannot exceed 70 kurus. "

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