House Prices Doubled Without Subway Opening in Sancaktepe

House Prices Doubled Without Opening the Metro in Sancaktepe: Rail systems such as metro, tramway and Marmaray, which were implemented to facilitate and speed up transportation in Istanbul, directly affect housing prices.

Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro, which is planned to be opened in the middle of next year, has doubled the house prices in Sancaktepe area.

Inc. Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) Property Valuation Administration and Business Development Director Libby's mind, rail has shared the results of the reports prepared on the impact of the housing market system with AA correspondent in Istanbul.

Stating that rail systems are very important, especially in metropolises such as Istanbul, which need all kinds of projects in terms of transportation, Aklar said that although there is communication by road to every point of Istanbul, the access time between the two locations increases day by day.

Aklar, especially during the business hours of entry-exit traffic traffic in the city makes it very difficult to remember, people living in the city without any traffic from their homes to reach the work area and the easiest way to reach the railways, he stressed that the easiest way to find.

Underlining that locations close to rail systems are preferred especially in residential and office investments, Aklar said, “When we look at the general market, real estate prices increase especially when it gets closer to the stops of rail systems. In addition, proximity to these stops provides a fast marketing process by increasing sales capability ”.

  • Even rail systems that are not in service increase prices

Aklar stated that the metro and tram lines that came into service in Istanbul, especially Marmaray, have significantly increased the housing sales prices and rental fees, and emphasized that even the rail systems that have not yet been put into service but started to be built, seriously affect the housing prices.

It was put into service on the Anatolian side in 2012 and is the first metro of the region. Kadıköy- Referring to the Kartal Metro Line, Aklar reminded that a brand new transportation alternative was provided to the region with this subway line, and with this effect, increases of up to 40 percent in the metro axis were realized.

  • "Up to 100 percent increase in Sancaktepe"

Aklar reminded that it was stated by the authorities that the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro Line, whose foundation was laid on June 6, 2012, is planned to be completed in the middle of next year.

Özge Aklar used the following statements regarding the effect of the metro operation on the housing prices

“Before the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway was opened, Sancaktepe, which became a preferred area for branded housing developers, has seen an increase of up to 100 percent in housing. Flat prices, which are around 1.500- 2.000 lira per square meter, are now in the range of 3.000-4.000 lira unit price. Due to the low prices in the region, the first price increases were realized at high rates and it is thought that the increase in prices will continue due to reasons such as the support of transportation by the metro line.

  • "The effect of the Eurasia Tunnel will also be felt"

Aklar said that in addition to the metro lines, the values ​​in the Göztepe region, which will become a central transfer point, will become a central transfer point with the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which is planned to be put into service in August 2017 and will cross the Bosphorus by road tube crossing.

Aklar stated that there is an increase of up to 30 percent in the Göztepe region, which has changed its face with urban transformation and is a highly preferred region with transportation facilities, adding that the increase in value will continue day by day with the completion of the transportation infrastructure.

  • Aşa: "Rail systems affect prices 100 percent"

Istanbul Chamber of Real Estate Agents and Consultants President Nizameddin Aşa, stating that the rail systems built in Istanbul have 100 percent effect on housing prices, the best example of this Kadıköy- He said he had an Eagle metro.

Eagle-Kadıköy Stating that house prices on the metro route doubled when the subway was opened, Aşa said, “Especially in the north of the E-5, the prices increased more. The region from Göztepe to Kartal. Prices were cheap in places such as Ataşehir and Kayışdağı. "The increase started a year before the subway opened and reached 2 percent in 100 years, but here the house prices were cheaper before," he said.

  • "House prices increased from 80-90 thousand liras to 200 thousand liras"

Aşa, before opening the subway in this region 80-90 thousand pounds home reminding, now at home prices less than 200 thousand pounds could not be found.

Nizameddin Aşa said, “Even the subway rumor was enough in Sancaktepe. This was already a developing region. Here too, the land is scarcely any longer available. This also has an effect on the price increase ”.

Stating that Marmaray does not have as much effect on housing prices as other rail systems, Aşa said, “The settlement in these regions was already old. Therefore, it did not affect much, but the highest increase was experienced in Üsküdar ”.

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