Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has partnered with the logistics village

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has partnered with the logistics village: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has become a partner in the Logistics Village project to be established in Tekkeköy district.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council 2015 November 22. Combination of 1. Session Metropolitan City Council 1. It was chaired by Turan Cakir. The Assembly discussed the 2 agenda on the Logistic Village before transferring the relevant Agenda items to the commissions.

Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) and a share of the stock exchange in the logistic village to the Metropolitan Municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality of Metropolitan Municipality and the United States that read the article about the agenda of the Expropriation Department Lütfü Coskun, ors Samsun TSO, Logistics Village establishment project In accordance with the authorization under the establishment protocol, Samsun TSO and Samsun Commodity Exchange were previously authorized to establish a company with a parliamentary resolution. In accordance with this authorization, Samsun TSO and Samsun Commodity Exchange Samsun Logistics Village area within the scope of Samsun National and International Logistics Center. established a company under the name. Samsun TSO has decided to donate 2 thousand TL share of 50 denomination 800 thousand TL from 20 thousand shares in this company to our municipality. We also want the grant to be given to Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz for the transfer of the title deeds within this area and the transfer of the title deeds on the basis of the value if the capital is increased by the company. Biz

The Metropolitan Municipality Council 1 made a statement on the related agenda item. Turan Çakır, vice president, said: Lojistik The establishment of a Logistics Village in Tekkeköy district with the grant of 45 million euro grant which has been followed by our Governorate, Metropolitan Municipality and Samsun TSO for a long time is on the agenda. This is an annual process of about 3-4 and has reached the end. The areas there are clear. Also there was a company established. TSO and the Commodity Exchange is a joint venture. The Metropolitan Municipality should also be a partner. Metropolitan municipalities or district municipalities need to decide on the Council of Ministers to establish a company. As we read on the agenda, if this area of ​​the shares of TSO and Trade Exchange grants part of us free of charge, we will be a shareholder of the Logistics Village when we accept the grant with a parliamentary decision. If we want to increase our shares here, we can buy a portion of the land that belongs to the treasury there over the value of the mortar Onun.

After the speeches, the agenda items were accepted unanimously without being referred to the commissions.
The Metropolitan Municipality Council then transferred the other agenda items to the relevant commissions.

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