The riot of a metrobus driver

The rebellion of a metrobus driver: One of the most troubled public transportation vehicles in Istanbul, both passengers and drivers from the metrobus complain ...

The Metrobus; rich man, worker clerk, woman man uses everyone. A metrobus driver is making 400 miles a day. So almost a Istanbul-Ankara! Is E life based?

Giresunlu metrobus driver Olcay Bey says ü it certainly does not endure Gir. Olcay Bey said, Ol We have to work 8 hours a day. It's uninterrupted. 10 minutes remain when we complete a flight. In the meantime, I drink a cup of tea, hand wash our hands without saying again we find ourselves at the wheel, çay he says.

It doesn't stop with that. . Every man comes to us. 'Let me pass,' said the passenger who fights. When we say 'move to the blanks' he also fights with us.

If the driver gets to turn!

Olcay Bey complains about the fact that the BRT line is so long: olmas Let's start from Söğütleşme. I crossed the Bosphorus I passed Edirnekapı CevizliI came to Bağ. This is already keeping up to 1 hours. What do I do if my toilet comes in? I can't go to the bathroom somewhere? There are only passengers in my car that won't suffer, and if I have a BRT vehicle behind me, they'll all be locked. Let's go over him. Maybe I got my head back, let's just say I stopped the car. And then what? The traffic will still be a lock, Trafik he says.


According to Olcay Bey, who states that the time period for the driver of the metrobus is changing constantly, the worst hours of the metrobus are 01: 00 to 06.00: sürekli The man is getting drunk in the 4 of the morning. 'Akbil' I say. He doesn't hear, he doesn't understand. 200 TL goes in. What can I do? Or those who vomited and messed up? They have a separate concern. Then there are those who give it to velvet uyan There are those who sleep until the last stop. And he has a pervert. He's harassing people. He says, 'What am I to do with my car?' Even women are yelling at us for harassment. There are women who shout 'Take this woman with me'. I'm not even telling men. Because they already have to stick together. Women have perversion, molestation. The camera is watching them, but what does the camera do? Everyone is forced upon each other. Lunch time and hours after the 22.00 is more comfortable. It's not so crowded. Bu


Talking about the arrangements for the driver of the Metrobus Olcay Bey, ler Some standards came. But we have never seen any benefit. The break system is very bad. For example, we bring the passengers to Söğütleşme'ye leave. But we're here for five minutes. We're back on the steering wheel. So how do we get our needs? How do we find food, prayer, time to wash our hands? All of them went to standardization, but some still recovered. 8 hours a day is very difficult to use car, X he says.


Memduh Bey, another driver of BRT, said, Başka It has been two months since he was married. He complains about the mob and the route. Memduh Bey said, ş I was an IETT driver before. Then I went here. This place is easier but busier than the bus. It's really hard to be here with a thousand people. People in the back are bothering people. Everybody blames us. They're accusing us of theft. As if they weren't enough, the problem of akbil is emerging at night. We can't go home. Everybody goes to sleep. We get up and we come back to work again. I'm gonna take a stroll with my wife. Even our food is infamous. There is no time. It is entrusted to Allah, Se he says.


Memduh Bey said that the salary they received is not much. But we carry ten thousand people every day. A lot of people are entrusted to us. The air conditioner does not work, the situation will not repair but the citizen does not understand. He's mad at us. They're distracting us. They shout. There are those who laugh and turn up everything. Before we get to say another, the other giddy. These accidents aren't even about us. Because the system is not set up regularly, traffic is crashing. Here again, the most smoothly running system in the city is metrobus. Yine


Or Some drivers carry their problems to the bus on the house, ob says Memduh, sorun The man's wife is looking for. It's a matter of trouble if he's hungry. When you do not open the family life is in danger. I'm at work, and then we can't talk. She asks me immediately. 'Does the job matter to me?' He said. That's why we need some time. Arrangements are insufficient. People are taking our lives all day long. Some people complain about being overcrowded. This isn't a private taxi? But here everyone is getting into the same car from the richest to the poorest. Still the most comfortable travel place in the metrobus. At least there's no traffic. En


Seyfettin Bey 4 has been working as a BRT driver for years. His fear is the officers who inspect the accidents and the drivers of the BRT. Because according to him, drivers are one of the things that force the most control. It's not clear who's a supervisor. Her nerves were sometimes impaired all day long. For this reason, he sometimes responds to passengers who are disturbing people by getting on the metrobus. But the control officers had no mercy on this issue. Seyfettin Bey said, şey When I get into this car, the best thing is that the road is empty, but the worst thing is that the car is full of traffic. ”We hear the curses of those who can't ride on the other hand, bağ he says.


When I asked him about the BRT accidents, he said: ord The metrobuses are scarce. But it does. They are hit by cars that throw themselves on our way. They're jumping in front of us. Of course, some drivers also made accidents. For example, the road accident occurred when the exit. I've never done it, but once I almost hit a car. She stepped in front of me. I saved him from God. But in winter the road is bad and accidents can occur. In this respect, summer is more comfortable. Yazın


Seyfettin Bey, who carries about a thousand 10 a day, complains to the public: X We meet people who don't know where to go. They don't know about civilization. There are people waiting for the door to open at every stop. If you don't hit the button, why don't we open the door? Some of them say download me between two stops. That's why he's not a man from this society. Does anyone come in the morning on the Metrobust and get a fight? do not come! ... "


One of the easiest ways to get rid of Istanbul's traffic ordeal Metrobus in However, if you can succeed in riding medya Especially during the commuting and return times sı Those who suffer from Metrobus share the tips of getting on the metrobus in both their blogs and social media accounts.

1- Watch where the previous metrobus stopped and where the door opened during crowded hours. This way, you can predict what point the door will open at a later time and place space for it.

2- Keep people behind you, your right, people on your left, under strict control. No matter what age group people, when you arrive, take as far as you can. It's easier for you to get yourself into the BRT

3- Try to stop at the front of the queue while waiting for the Metrobus. Do not fall behind the line no matter what.

4- At the beginning of the working hours and after the working hours, try not to get off the intermediate stands if possible. If you are in the intermediate stops, take the direction in which the metrobus is empty and try to get off at the first stops, if possible.

5- If you are able to ride the metrobus, try not to wait in front of the door. Because every descent will have to push you.

6- Wait in the middle passenger compartment of the vehicle. This will always increase your chances of finding yourself. You can see the vacated seats more easily.

7- Observe the interior of the vehicle and adjust your position at any time. Don't be pensive, because if you want to get a place in the metrobust, it's a must to be absent.

8- Do not wait at the age of people sitting in the seats. They are usually long road travelers.

9- Do not jump here to find a place in the vehicle. This will increase the number of eyes on you and the occupation of those who want to sit before you.

10- Stand at the top of the L-seats at the back. The average 3 will see that your chance of finding a seat after 4 stall increased. Finding a place in those hours is almost like finding a lot of money on the way. If you found it, close your eyes and enjoy the moment.



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