Atakarbon transports annual 300 thousand tons

Atakarbon has reached 300 thousand tons per year in transportation: Atakarbon annually 300 thousand tons of rail, combined road transport.

In the year 1999 started to operate in the field of import and sale of industrial raw materials and coal production, Atakarbon Mine Transportation Co. Ltd. has been operating with its separate group company 3. The company is engaged in yearly combined transportation of 300 thousand tons rail and highway.

Group companies, regardless of each other, continue their business life in the different sectors of ATA Carbon Mine Transportation and Transportation Co. General Manager Turgay Korkmaz 'Ata Carbon all kinds of coal and carbon imports, as well as the railway transportation by rail and wagon we do. With our existing infrastructure, we carry a monthly 20-25 thousand tons. Transported commodities are transported in bulk form as coal, in bulk and in big bags. Our customer portfolio is among the first 1000 companies in the country. All of the products are exported to overseas buyers, '' he said.

Atakarbon logistics continues its activities with 71 wagon, 220 Open top container, 7 hammer, 2 steacker (Container Handling Machine).

ATA Carbon Mine Transportation Company General Manager Turgay Korkmaz '' We have all kinds of equipment necessary for container transportation. Atakarbon Logistics We continue our activities with 71 wagon, 220 Open top container, 7 hammer, 2 steacker (Container Handling Machine). Yearly 300 are doing combined transport of one thousand tons rail and highway. We keep our investments in this field and keep the wagon, vehicle and container fleet young and high quality. All of these surpluses bring the reliability and service quality of container transport to the highest level. As an atacarbon brand, the logistics area has also become a respected position for a short time.

Referring to the problems in the sector, Korkmaz continued his words as follows: “Although there has been a law that will regulate the railway sector and pave the way for liberalization, which has been expected for nearly four years, none of the regulations to be made have yet been realized. This delay and uncertainty caused Investment projects to be shelved. The regulations and changes made by TCDD in the price and transportation tariffs at the beginning of the year caused a 35 percent decrease in railway transportation. the eighth world's crude steel producing country Turkey is a country dependent on imports in terms of raw materials. The sector is a net importer in almost all inputs, from scrap to ore, from coal to ferrous metals. In this context, the problems experienced in the sales markets directly reflect on the sector. In parallel with the intensifying global competition, countries are increasing their measures to protect their own sectors. USA, Canada, Australia, Jordan, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey originating in Egypt is one example of this additional customs and anti-dumping duties imposed on certain products. We think that market losses will increase in this framework in the coming period. Korkmaz stated that 2015 was a very difficult year given the current economic and political structure; 'In the same direction, we think that 2016 will be even more difficult. "Both domestic political uncertainties and geopolitical problems in the region and economic problems in the world prevent us from making optimistic predictions for the next year."

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