A Holiday Campaign for Railway Keeper İbrahim Çivici

Holiday Campaign for Railway Guard İbrahim Çivici: A signature campaign was launched for the railway guard İbrahim Çivici, who walked 15 kilometers a day for four seasons and secured the tracks. The aim of the campaign, which is supported by 66 thousand 683 people, is to send Çivici on holiday with his family, who says “We have not been to the sea or somewhere near the beach for 20 years”.

The text of the signature campaign launched for İbrahim Çivici, who works as a road guard on the railways, starts with these sentences. On the change.org website, where signature campaigns were published on many different topics, 66 thousand 683 people were mobilized to send TCDD Çivici on holiday with his family.

Do you want to make someone happy with only one signature?

Turkey, Ibrahim Al Jazeera nailers recognized the news published in Turkey. Çivici, who works on the Sultanhisar-Nazilli line in Aydın, has been a road guard for 20 years in railways. He walks 75 km a week and checks the line. In the news, Çivici said that he has not been with his family for 20 years to the sea or somewhere near the beach, and when they have the opportunity, they go to their country for a holiday.

20 has not been to the sea or coast

A citizen named Rukiye Demirkan started a campaign on change.org website, influenced by these sentences. Calling to the TCDD Human Resources Department and tourism companies and hotels, Demirkan said, “This campaign; I open it to İbrahim Çivici, who does his duty without getting tired, tired or tired and ensures the safety of the trains, to give a motivation gift to TCDD or a tourism company. I wish them to send him to the seaside with his family. ” he wrote. The campaign reached 68 thousand 633 supporters in a short time.

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