Turkey is spinning head to head with an iron network

Turkey is spinning head to head with an iron network: the network woven by the road leading to Turkey 2023 iron targets. 1.520 Mileage YHT, a thousand kilometer speed train line during the construction and tender stage, the 12 thousand kilometer line is also in the project stage.

increase their investment in the transport sector, the government is accelerating the project with Turkey to eg network of railways.

2016 will be in 13 and 2017 will be in 4. Turkey's east and west, south and north of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) will be connected by lines. General Director of State Railways (TCDD) Ismail Murtazaoğlu, 2015 8.8 213 railways will be made by the end of the investment, stating that a thousand 520 kilometers high-speed train line under operation, stating that the length of the lines of construction and the tender phase of the thousand XNUMX kilometers, he added.


Murtazaoğlu gave the following information about the upcoming period plans: “A railway connection is planned to the third bridge. Until the end of this year, a part of the construction tender project continues. We try to be posted before the end of the year. The entire Ankara-Sivas line is under construction. We are about to conclude one tender for approximately 40-50 kilometers between Ankara and Kırıkkale. The infrastructure of the 150-kilometer section has been completed. The entire line is 405 kilometers… Infrastructure progress in the remaining parts is around 70 percent. Our preparations continue for a superstructure tender for Ankara-Sivas before the end of the year. "


There are also a number of high-speed train lines outside the YHT transfer Murtazaoğlu, currently about a thousand kilometers during the construction and tender phase, while the project phase 12 a thousand kilometers said line. Murtazaoglu, a North-South line, a Southern connection and a Western connection to the Central Anatolia, freight and passenger transportation will be carried out within the framework of the 2023 goals, he said. Murtazaoğlu, when YHT-speed train lines and have the opportunity to travel with them stating that the completion of xnumx's percent of Turkey's population, "We need to improve our existing lines. For about 52 there were roads that had never been renewed. We've done some renovation. Thus, our commercial speed began to rise. Böylece


Noting that they will be able to bid for both the supply tender and the connection part project in Bursa Yenişehir this year, Murtazaoğlu said that the project works of the Kayseri-Antalya railway infrastructure constructions are continuing, and that they anticipate completion in the second half of 2017. Murtazaoğlu stated that Turkey is in the middle of a 'freight corridor' and if it completes its infrastructure investments, it will be very serious thanks to its location. kazanHe said he could get three.


2016 6 very high-speed train set Murtazaoğlu said, UM One was taken. 185 kilometers of the Konya section of the geometric status, 300 speed and geometry can make the velocity. We are currently going with 250 km / h, but we can go faster at higher speeds, ie up to 300 km / h after providing our vehicles in the future. In total we will buy 106 high-speed train set. We will buy them with local and learning-based technology. Xnumx'lük percent of them part of the way will be produced in Turkey. You will find us insider selling company and its partners in a way that will produce in Turkey. We will also contribute to the industry of our country. Ül

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