The Tips of the Metrobus Journey

Metrobus Journey Tricks
Metrobus Journey Tricks

📩 09/04/2023 18:28

Tricks of the Metrobus Journey: Metrobus against the dizzying traffic of Istanbul; rich, poor, worker, officer, woman, man use everyone.

Passengers and drivers complain about metrobus as one of the most distressed public transportation vehicles in Istanbul. 400 kilometers making the road.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of Istanbul's traffic ordeal Metrobus ü However, if you can achieve the ride blog Especially during the time of departure and return times… Those who have problems with Metrobus frequently share the tips of getting on the Metrobus in their blogs and social media accounts İstanbul

Here are some of them:

1- Watch where the previous metrobus stopped and where the door opened during crowded hours. This way, you can predict what point the door will open at a later time and place space for it.

2- Keep people behind you, your right, people on your left, under strict control. No matter what age group people, when you arrive, take as far as you can. It's easier for you to get yourself into the BRT

3- Try to stop at the front of the queue while waiting for the Metrobus. Do not fall behind the line no matter what.

4- At the beginning of the working hours and after the working hours, try not to get off the intermediate stands if possible. If you are in the intermediate stops, take the direction in which the metrobus is empty and try to get off at the first stops, if possible.

5- If you are able to ride the metrobus, try not to wait in front of the door. Because every descent will have to push you.

6- Wait in the middle passenger compartment of the vehicle. This will always increase your chances of finding yourself. You can see the vacated seats more easily.

7- Observe the interior of the vehicle and adjust your position at any time. Don't be pensive, because if you want to get a place in the metrobust, it's a must to be absent.

8- Do not wait at the age of people sitting in the seats. They are usually long road travelers.

9- Do not jump here to find a place in the vehicle. This will increase the number of eyes on you and the occupation of those who want to sit before you.

10- Stand at the top of the L-seats at the back. The average 3 will see that your chance of finding a seat after 4 stall increased. Finding a place in those hours is almost like finding a lot of money on the way. If you found it, close your eyes and enjoy that moment

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