Metrobus doubled housing prices in Beylikdüzü

Metrobus doubled the housing prices in Beylikdüzü: Real Estate Station has put the original Office Broker Erkan Bayrak Beylikdüzü under the spotlight.

Turkey's first batch which is the subject of Beylikdüzü Flag indicating that drew attention to the rapid development, developing infrastructure, said it showed great interest yatırıncı with transportation facilities and premium potential.

Distances with Metrobus shortened
Beylikdüzü office in near the 50'de said that the project, the flag is quite far from the center of Beylikdüzü with the Metrobus, said the distance is reduced.

Metro on the way
After the metropolises to Beylikdüzü, Bayrak reminded the future of the metro line, unda Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been presenting the 141.5 km-long metro system that served Istanbul for the last year. TUYAP) announced that the subway line will be added. The underground railway line known as MCNUMX Line is expected to be completed in 25. The last stop of the 18 station with a total length of 8 km in the west is TUYAP, and the last stop of the line is İncirli. The planned stations of the metron; Bakirkoy-Incirli (connection to M2017, M25 and M18 lines), Bahçelievler-Haznedar, Kocasinan, Cobancesme, Sefakoy, Cennet Neighborhood, Kucukcekmece (connection to the Marmaray), Avcilar Park, Reşitpaşa, Avcılar, Cihangir, Ambarlı and Haramidere are listed as li.

Esenyurt development problem affected Beylikdüzü
Pointing out that the zoning problems experienced in Esenyurt also affected Beylikdüzü, Bayrak said, çeken Due to the zoning problems in Esenyurt region, some companies projected their project locations as Beylikdüzü. This marketing strategy developed by the companies also revealed the Beylikdüzü-Esenyurt complex. In fact, we can make the distinction between the two big regions with sharp borders, which can be left on the right side of E-5 Highway for Esenyurt, and the remaining part on the left side for Beylikdüzü. Aslında

Housing prices flew with Metrobus
Bayraklı met with the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line at the 2012 and added that the prices went up to the floor of 2 in Beylikdüzü. In these regions, the housing prices of 3 + 1 vary between the average of 300 thousand TL and 700 thousand TL Bu.

Prices high
Mr. Bayraklı said that Adnan Kahveci, Cumhuriyet and Barış neighborhoods are among the places with the highest housing prices. In the branded houses within the site, the square meter sales values ​​are between the average 5 thousand TL and the 800 thousand 3 TL. As the area of ​​the house shrinks, it is noted that the square meter sales value has increased to 500 thousand 3 TL with 3 thousand 500 TL range Konut.

3 + 1 apartments in the new buildings in Beylikduzu stated that the average price of 550 + 700 apartments ranged from TL 3 to TL thousand. 1 + 550 apartment prices in the new buildings in the area so called real Beylikduzu 700 thousand pounds 3 thousand pounds. 1 + 300 in buildings made before the earthquake 350 thousand pounds 4 thousand pounds, and 1 + 550 duplex apartments 600 thousand pounds 3 thousand pounds are offered for sale at the prices. lira, the new buildings are changing between 1 and 800 lira yeni he said.

Flag, sürdürül 1 + 1 apartments are invested in 2 + 1 apartments mainly in the area where 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartments are purchased; is happening."

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