Metrobus accident in Istanbul 1 injured

1 metrobus accident injured in Istanbul: 1 person was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Istanbul Avcılar.

According to the information received, 34 TN 2747 plate metrobus, which runs in the direction of Zincirlikuyu-Beylikdüzü, hit Bülent Karslı at the stop of Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

In the accident, it was learned that the life threatening of Karslı, who was seriously injured and who was taken to Avcılar Murat Kölük State Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention of the medical teams, continued.

The detained metrobus driver was taken to the Avcılar District Police Department.

It was claimed that the barriers between the D-100 Highway and Mustafa Kemal Pasha metrobus stop were dismantled due to the road construction work, while the accident occurred when Bülent Karslı tried to cross this gap.

The traffic flow has returned to normal with the withdrawal of the vehicle in the metrobus line where there is a bi-directional density due to the accident.



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