Mehmet Yiğiner is Satisfied with TCDD Stadium

Mehmet Yiğiner Satisfied with TCDD Stadium: Ankaragücü President Mehmet Yiğiner, who toured the TCDD Stadium before the Ankara Derby, was pleased with the general view.

At the stadium, which had a capacity of 1500 people and 75 seats were allocated for Ankaragücü supporters by the Ankara Demirspor administration, this number was increased to 750 as a result of the meeting of Ankaragücü President Mehmet Yiğiner.

Ankaragücü President Mehmet Yiğiner, today, Ankara Demirspor President Ibrahim Celik met with the facilities of Ankara Demirspor. The meeting, which was held in a very friendly atmosphere, gave the message of friendship of both presidents and wished the gentleman's meeting to be played at the weekend.

Second League Red Group will face the weekend before the match will be played in Ankara Demirspor match Ankaragücü President Mehmet Yiğiner, the fans of the tribunal quota allocated 75 people, as a result of his interview with the president of the Ankara Demirspor 750 people removed.

At the meeting where the messages of unity and togetherness were given, both presidents wished for a friendly and gentle competition and the winner of the good one said that the winner would be Ankara football regardless of the result.

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