Mecidiyeköy Çamlıca Cable Car Line in IMM 2016 Budget

Mecidiyeköy Çamlıca Cable Car Line in IMM 2016 Budget: The investment budget of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for 2016 was determined as 16 billion 100 million liras. Mecidiyeköy-Çamlıca cable car line and İstiklal Street arrangement were included in investment plans.

2016 year 2016 billion 16 million pounds in the 100 Year Investment and Service Program prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was determined.

In the prepared budget, 5 has received the transportation of the lion's share of the billion 510 million 666 thousand pounds (44,7). According to the amount of expenditure on the basis of the Directorate, the European Side Rail Systems Department has the biggest share with the 1 billion 790 million 282 thousand pounds (14,52).

Mecidiyeköy Çamlıca Cable Car Line in 2016 Budget

In the budget, 15 million lira for Beyoğlu İstiklal Street and Tram Line Application Project, 2016 million lira for the Haliç-Unkapanı Highway Tunnel Crossing Project between 2018-100, Kadıköy Fikirtepe Mahallesi Development and Transportation Roads Project has been allocated 9 million liras. Activities to be carried out include Dolmabahçe - Fulya Highway Tunnel, Fulya - Levazım Highway Tunnel, Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy Metro Construction Project, Beykoz - Karlıtepe Arası and Beykoz Çayırı - Hz. The project includes the cable car line between Yuşa Hill and the Mecidiyeköy - Zincirlikuyu - Altunizade - Çamlıca Cable Car Line projects.

2016 budget of IMM 12 to be discussed in November

IMM President Kadir Topbaş stated the following in the book of 2016 investment and service program:

Uz We realize our investments and services with accountable, transparent, modern and social municipalities. 2016 year IMM budget is 16 billion 100 million Turkish Liras. Again, we have prepared an investment-weighted budget. We foresee a total of 358 projects, including 272 and 630. The amount of projects we expect to realize is 12 billion 327 million 81 thousand. 67 billion 8 billion 266 million 632 thousand of this part of the investment projects are divided. 4 billion 60 million 449 thousand pounds in the amount of 33 part consists of services in the service sector UM

Prepared budget, the IMM Parliament 12 November Thursday will be discussed and will be voted on.