Mayor Kocamaz, Let the Monoraya

Mayor Kocamaz, Firms Come With Credit, Monoraya Do: Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Monorail Project to enter the 2016 Program by specifying that they made the application in August, Monoraya Talip 'Bride with the loan' said said.

Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they made the application to enter the 2016 program of the rail system last August. We need domestic or foreign borrowing. Let the companies come together with their credits, they should do this job Firm.
President Kocamaz went to China on Saturday evening with his delegation for the final inspection trip on the rail system which is among his projects. Before his trip to China, President Kocamaz informed the members of the parliament about the final stage of the last meeting in the monorail and expressed his determination to implement the rail system.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council held its last Friday meeting and approved the 2016 budget. Kocamaz speaking about the rail system in the combination, the budget 3 billion 1 million pounds, but they plan to implement the monorail they do not have a chance to realize this budget, he said. Kocamaz stated that parliament will have to decide again for internal or external borrowing in the rail system, Koc We made our application in August for the rail system to enter the 290 program. We're tracking him now, I hope he goes into the 2016 program. At present a rough feasibility was made. After entering the program will be made the tender of detail projects, the search for resources will begin at the same time. After the supply of the source, the tender will be held. Our heart desires that this work be started in the beginning of the series, or at the end of this period we work together, or if a part of it does not end, to be put into service. Gön

Voicing that they made very rigorous research on the rail system, Kocamaz said that they sent a delegation of councilors and experts to Japan for monorail review, and they thought that they would be involved in the work and take responsibility, and that they exchanged ideas with the representatives of civil society organizations in a way that would be very detailed and spread to the city. . Kocamaz, Koc Tomorrow evening (21 November) we are going to China. There is an 420 kilometer monorail in a city, we will examine it and look at its operation. We listened to the Germans, the Japanese, the Koreans and examined the systems they made. One of the companies that did this work was Canada. But after this trip to China, let's make a decision on this business, if the system will be more attractive to us, if it will not make us troubles in terms of both the economic and the technology, we decide on such a system to start the project immediately, "he said.

Noting that it would not credit the chance of finding for the monorail from banks in Turkey is not her husband, so the companies that aspire to this business' credit your bride from Kocamaz explained that, said: "This work aspire to and us coming firms are very different places, many came as various institutions . 2-3 company came from Germany and expressed their desire to work. Similarly, there are companies from China and Japan. We evaluate them. That's what we've said. 'If we do not find internal credit, which may not have the chance to give any bank, but with external credit, but if you come to us with a credit credit, we are determined to do this job.' In other words, companies should come together with their credits and they should do this job. Yani

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