Konya Logistics Center to add value to Konya economy

Konya Logistics Center will add value to the economy of Konya: In the 2014 Economy Report of Konya Chamber of Commerce, the strong future of the city, historical heritage and marketing arguments, the sectors that support the defense industry, such as the perception of 'central city' and the export capacity, will be planned by the strong direction of 5.

Konya Chamber of Commerce President, TOBB Board Member Selçuk Öztürk stated that the city was examined under the headings of 2013 Economy Report, which was published in 2014, under the headings of socio-economic status, demographic structure and social development, macroeconomic indicators, transportation and communication infrastructure, projects and Swot Analysis. ”Strong employment structure, the historical heritage and the marketing arguments of the city, the sectors supporting the defense industry, the perception of the 'central city' and the capacity to export to the national public are the strengths of Konya.,

Turkey's 7th largest province in terms of population and the population of Konya reached 2 million 108 thousand emphasizing the Ozturk, "Konya, 102 thousand 372 the number of university students in Turkey ranks fourth. the most visited museum in 2014, 3 million 575 thousand persons in Turkey Istanbul Hagia Sophia Museum. "The Topkapı Palace Museum with 3 million 553 thousand in second place and Konya Mevlana Museum with 2 million 75 thousand visitors are in third place after Hagia Sophia."

Organic agriculture in Turkey, one of the best Konya Öztürk noted that the first place in many products, "Lupine and for recovering the product in Turkey Konya perform 100 percent of its production, carrots, cherry, is the first in strawberries and beets. 10 percent of Turkey's grain production meets Konya. However, the chocolate and confectionery sector in Konya is very advanced. In the 2014 Konya, the total 10 934 thousand million laying hens laying hens has become Turkey's second to meet the xnumx's percent, "he explained.

9 company is manufacturing in 735 OSB

Konya 9 OIZ, Science, Industry and Technology Ministry supported 18 small industrial site, located 18 small industrial site in the city center, the county in 13 small industrial estates and 14 employment and industrial burden of Turkey's economy and private industrial sites that the sırtlayan province expressed Öztürk said, inden Konya is one of the emerging economies of our country with its industrial oriented production mission. According to 2014 data in 156 in OSB, 490 in Konya OIZ, 12 in Beyşehir OSB, 57 in Ereğli OSB, 13 in Aksehir OIZ, 2 in Seydişehir OSB 5 and 735 in Karapınar OIZ. for; 840 company is producing in OIZs. In addition, 680 company in 45 works in BUSAN Private Organized Industry which is one of the private industrial sites located in Konya, continues its production activities Ayrıca. Konya, the metalworking field in Turkey market pointed out that with the 90 percent of Konya Chamber of Commerce President, TOBB Board Member Selcuk Ozturk, "so xnumx'n of the parts used in tractors and are able to produce parts if the 100 percent used in farm machinery. In this area we hold in our hands the 65 percent of Turkey's market. In the automotive supply industry, more than 70 parts and equipment of many brands and models are produced in Konya. In the metal casting industry sector in Konya, 450 produces 250 thousand tons per year capacity. This corresponds to the 18 percent of the metal casting production in Turkey. 15 million pairs of shoes per year with about production Konya, Turkey welcomes alone the 15 percent of the market, "he said.

2014 increased by 106

The number of exporting companies in the 2009 975 2014 in the city Öztürk said that as at the end out with 58 543 thousand percent, "has been the same year 736 million dollars in exports to 106 1.5 billion dollars percent increase. The share of Turkey's exports amounted to Konya xnumx't 2014 percent. These rates Konya, Turkey in general 1. "she said. 14 Household Labor Force Statistics, according to at least unemployment in Turkey, Konya-Karaman (TR-2014) stressed that in Ozturk, "compared to other cities in the region Percent xnumx'lık unemployment is ahead in terms of employment Konya, this sense of great confidence for new investments giving. With the developments in the past few years, Konya has become much more prominent among the provinces where it is competing with its human capital.

The data center in Turkey

The role of the central city in transportation and its strategic location; Europe's largest logistics center, Konya, Turkey shifted data center projects. Even though it is still in the draft phase, the reason why the public focuses on Konya is for these projects; It is the power that the city feels humanly, politically and economically. siyasi

They are told the name to become the base infrastructure and energy projects in Turkey

Konya wind and Turkey's potential in terms of solar energy is the largest city highlights Selcuk Ozturk, "Solar energy in terms of investment in solar farms in the world where the most intense in Germany - 60 percent compared to the region of Bavaria, which has a larger capacity of Konya will be held Karapinar" Solar power Plant "will be the candidate with the energy center of Turkey. Konya's daily average sunbathing 7,5 hours. Karapınar Solar Power Plant with a capacity of 3.000 MW will turn Konya into a close region and a city. Again thermal power plants to be made to Karapinar, Konya, Turkey has a great opportunity to have the largest lignite reserves, "he explained.

Logistics Center will be a big plus value for the city economy

Öztürk stated that the output trend that Konya has achieved in the last few years despite the negativities experienced in foreign policy, ini Konya exports to more than 150 sectors in the 135 sector and 4 ranks the third in terms of product variety after İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. According to the data of the Ministry of Economy, we are in the list of provinces with qualified leap. Considering also that new markets can be described as the most powerful cities of Konya, Turkey exports its new headquarters. Turkey, which will be one of the largest logistics centers in Konya Logistics Center, the city will be built about 4 kilometers away from the center. The importance of Konya in the logistics centers where TCDD attaches great importance to it is because it connects the east and the west with all its dynamics. on behalf of transportation together through the new environment will be held in Konya is likely to increase the melt alternatives for freight transport with YHT with TCDD study initiation and plans within the Air Cargo Terminal, Konya Logistics Center will be a great added value for the economy of Konya, "he he said.

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