Izmir has allocated a budget of 679 million pounds for transportation

It allocated a budget of 679 million lira for İzmir Transportation: The 2016 Fiscal Year Performance Program and Budget of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality was approved. An investment of 15.2 billion lira was allocated for 248 projects in the budget, which is foreseen to increase 2.8 percent compared to last year. The lion's share of the 2016 budget was once again in transport.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has determined its 2016 targets. According to the 2016 Fiscal Year Performance Program and Financial Budget approved by the Metropolitan Council, the 4 expenditure budget, which was determined as 485 billion 2016 million TL, increased by 15,2% compared to the previous year. The income budget for the same period is 3 billion 850 million TL. and increased 19.8% over the previous year. It has been announced that the financing difference will be provided by the bank stock, domestic and foreign borrowing. It was stated that the borrowing understanding of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which does not disturb the economic and long-term financing balance, will continue in the coming years.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, in the parliamentary meeting where the talks were held, the majority of the budget and performance program approved by the Izmir and Izmir people wished to be beneficial.

I'm here without a distinction, so I'm going

Responding to the criticism of the opposition party at the session where the budget discussions were held, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Please be fair with this issue. Neither you nor anyone can afford to discriminate against me. "I continued this duty without discrimination, I will go without discrimination."

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's investment in shares of the reserve, an example to Turkey with his job for 12 years, saying that a municipality, "it does not mean I say it. But the whole world says. The awards we have received around the world say ”.


Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. In his speech about the budget, Sırrı Aydoğan responded to the criticisms and said, “If a mayor makes a serious, permanent and permanent work in one term, it is considered a success. It is necessary to appreciate what was done during the time of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Aziz Kocaoğlu. Moreover, the Metropolitan Municipality has no overdue debt at the moment. This is an example of municipal work. Watching the citizen, taking the hand of the people; It is the municipality that protects its property, ”he said.

2,8 billion in investment.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, whose economic and financial strength is also registered by credit rating agencies, defined as a “transparent and accountable municipality” by the Court of Accounts and whose financial statements are accurate and reliable, makes 2016 billion TL of its total budget in 2,8 to 248 in the Performance Program. will spend for the project.

679 million pounds budget for transportation

In the transportation sector where the most resources are allocated with the share of 24 in all sectors from the budget of Metropolitan Municipality, rail system projects and passenger ship purchases are prominent.

214 million TL for the purchase of tram lines and 180 million TL for the purchase of passenger ships and car ferries, 40 million for the purchase of vehicles within the scope of the Light Rail System Project, 15 million for the additional lines for the İZBAN network. budget set. Metro line of Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere Engineering School, Evka -3 FuarBornova Central Metro Line and Fair in Gaziemir Total 65 million pounds were allocated for Monorail System to be built in İzmir area. 41.5 million TL has been allocated for the Smart Traffic System which is one of the important projects that will relax the city traffic, and 21.5 million TL has been allocated for the parking lot construction. The budget allocated for the transportation sector was estimated as 679 million 357 thousand liras.

Investment wind in newly connected districts

Due to the fact that the new district of 9 is connected to the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality, the share allocated to infrastructure works has increased significantly. In the new period, urban infrastructure took the second place after transportation by taking% 17 of total activity budget. Total 471 million 261 thousand TL. The lion's share of this sector, where the resource is separated, has taken the asphalt works with the budget of 245 million TL. 31.5 million TL for Homeros Boulevard-Bus Terminal Connection Road Project, 31 Million TL for Highway Underpasses and Overpasses. While allocating the funds, a budget of 10 million was envisaged for the Narlıdere-Güzelbahçe Highway Six Road Construction Project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2016 Cesme and Kınık district garages will complete the projects, the construction of the Foca Neighborhood Garage will begin.

Vehicle is expanding

Using the latest technological tools in its activities and trying to bring technology together with the city in the best way, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality allocated the 11 of its budget to the governance sector. Accordingly, 2016 10 web cameras in separate points to be established by viewing the web over Izmir. 500 will be distributed to the headman by computer and printer. 133 million TL for vehicle and construction machinery leasing and purchases. effective use of information technologies 51.5 million TL. To leave. The total budget allocated for the governance sector was determined as 309 million 466 thousand.

Green field is growing

309 million 379 thousand TL. In the environment sector where the budget is allocated, solid waste and green area activities come to the fore. 164 million TL for the maintenance and maintenance of green areas, construction and maintenance of new urban forests and recreation areas. 59 million TL in total for the construction and operation of waste transfer, disposal and storage facilities. resource allocated.

178 million TL for expropriation

306 million 287 thousand TL. The largest share in the urban conservation and planning sector, where the resource is allocated, is 178 million TL. He took expropriation activities again, as he did every year. Activities to improve the historical environment with a 57 million lira resource and 24 million TL. Uzundere, Ege Mahallesi, Bayraklı Urban Transformation activities followed all over Izmir, especially. The resource allocated for Coastal Design that will change the face of İzmir is 18 million TL. It was envisaged.

For a safer Izmir

Total 296 million 842 thousand TL. The biggest share in this sector where the resource is separated and fire, security and security activities are carried out. budget and fire brigade was extended to the expansion of the vehicle fleet.

Continue to social support

Total 267 million TL. 37 million TL in social supports where the resource is allocated. and çıkıy Milk Lamb usu project. The resource allocated for the activities of Eşrefpaşa Hospital is 55 million TL. 5 million TL has been allocated to the Social Life Campus, which will be completed in Buca this year. . Disability Awareness Park Park and ell Family Counseling and Training Center eleri draw attention.

Construction of Opera House

It is planned that the foundation of the Opera House, which the İzmirites are looking forward to, will be laid within 2016. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which foresees 144 million pounds for culture, art and sports, allocated the 50 million pounds of this figure to the opera house. For sports activities and plant construction, 41 million pounds were allocated.

Izmir's economy is growing

In order to make İzmir a city of fairs and congresses and to make it a city that develops its place in the world economy, 19.5 million shares have been allocated to tourism and local economy sector. Mediterranean Aquarium, Zoology Museum and New Continent Habitats projects will be studied. Supporting income generating activities in rural areas will be distributed to cattle, cattle without bees, sheep and goats for sheep and goats, sheep and rams. Within the scope of Kent College activities, 5150 will be trained in different branches.

30 million support for district municipalities

30 million TL for the joint projects to be realized with the district municipalities from the budget of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. leaving, 12 million TL to the Izmir Development Agency, the backbone of urban transportation to 260 million TL ESHOT'a. support foreseen.

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