İZBAN revolt of visually impaired citizen returning from death

The İZBAN rebellion of the visually impaired citizen returning from death: While trying to get on the train from İZBAN station in İzmir's Çiğli district, the visually impaired Salih Pelit, who thought of the gap between two wagons as a door and returned from death, documented the service deficiencies provided for the visually impaired people in İZBAN and the subway with a mobile phone camera and sent them to the authorities. According to the allegation, while Metro officials returned that there was no deficiency, İZBAN officials did not return to Salih Pelit. Complaining about the insensitivity of the authorities, Pelit said, “Visually impaired see, not officials who do not want to see”.

Visually impaired Salih Pelit, head of the Association of Intellectuals, 5 May 2013 IZBAN (Izmir Suburban System) At Çiğli Ata Sanayi stop, he tried to board a train on his own, since he was not a guard on the platform. Punched the door between the two wagons, Pelit threw his foot in, the connection between the wagons fell down. Pelit, who fell to her cane, asked for help. Nobody came to the aid since there was no one on the platform and no passengers in the car heard it. These horror moments were reflected in the cameras seconds. When the train moved, Salih Pelit, fluttering between the two wagons, returned to death at the last moment while dropping himself in the veil with no life, leaving the train platform.

After this incident, Pelit started to eliminate the shortcomings in the roads used by the visually impaired in İZBAN and İzmir Metro and to identify the dangers that would come before visually impaired people like himself. During his travels in İZBAN and subway, Pelit detected the missing embossed roads and recorded them with a cell phone camera. Salih Pelit sent a letter of complaint to the e-mail addresses of the two institutions and called and reported the deficiencies in İZBAN and the subway. İzmir Metro officials allegedly reached Salih Pelit by mail and phone and stated that there is no deficiency in the work done for the visually impaired in their institutions. İZBAN officials did not provide any verbal or written feedback to Pelit.


Visually impaired Salih Pelit, the head of the blind intellectuals Association, who stated that he detected deficiencies in the Izmir Metro, including IZBAN, in his studies for the visually impaired and mentally disabled, said: and we found that it was insufficient. I continued to follow this incident again. I myself captured the shortcomings in the subway with the camera of the phone. It should be ensured that a visually impaired person goes from the entrance to the subway, starting from the entrance of the subway, to the roads, stairs to the platforms, by the embossed yellow path. These roads do not take us down to the platform in Izmir. It only goes up to a point, there are cuts in between. This cut is very dangerous for our safety. As the visually impaired, we want urban life at an international standard. We want a transport guarantee. We want the yellow roads to be built in order and order. But the administrators do not get up and detect these mistakes. Although we say it, they stubbornly say that we have no deficiency. Visually impaired see it, and officials who do not want to see it. '


Stating that İZBAN is a danger factor in itself, Pelit said that there are some deficiencies in the subway as well, “When we complain about this deficiency via e-mail and telephone, the managers absolutely do not accept it. We say get up, let's find out together, they do not agree. He said, "We will take legal action soon."

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