Istanbul Coffee Festival Has Signed A Great Success In Haydarpaşa Train Station

The Istanbul Coffee Festival Signed a Great Success at Haydarpaşa Station: 4 days from Istanbul Coffee Festival, Istanbul Coffee Festival, which was held for the second time this year, is one of the most beautiful train stations in Istanbul and one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. was a success.

Organized for the second time this year, Istanbul Coffee Festival was the most visited festival in the world, with 4 thousand 25 people visiting with tickets and invitations for 500 days at Haydarpaşa Station, which has challenged all its glory.

By DSM Group, Turkey's leading brand Paşabahçe passed under the sponsorship of Istanbul Haydarpasa Train Station Coffee Festival to life in 3 brought together national and international representatives of the current wave of coffee. 160 thousand 25 people visited the festival, where 500 coffee companies and coffee components meet under the same roof. The Istanbul Coffee Festival, where the tickets are sold out as soon as they go on sale, brought together 6 thousand people with a ticket every day in the afternoon and in the afternoon.

“Coffee is our biggest friend”

Alper Sesli, the Founder and Director of the Festival, said, “We realized the Istanbul Coffee Festival to honor the coffee and move it even higher. Coffee is actually a good friend for all of us. When we love, when we are sad, friend sohbetThere is always coffee when we take our first steps in marriage, in celebrations, and in indulgences, saying, “100 million people in the world survive thanks to the coffee industry. We would like to thank our main sponsor, Paşabahçe, and all the participating brands, including the State Railways that opened the Haydarpaşa Train Station for this special event, and our friends who continuously grind beans and prepare coffee for four days. Of course, the biggest thanks is to our guests who have been waiting for this festival for a year and who bought their tickets as soon as they are on sale, and made us very happy by coming to our festival. While last year was the biggest coffee festival in Europe with their intense interest, this year Istanbul Coffee Festival seems to be the coffee festival with the highest number of visitors in the world. 25 thousand 500 coffee lovers were with us. We believe that this number will increase even more next year ”.

“Saturated with Coffee”

For four days at the Istanbul Coffee Festival; Approximately 1,5 tons of coffee beans were ground, 4 tons of bottled water, 2 tons of purified water and 2 tons of milk were used. Over 50 thousand chocolates were consumed in the festival, where the guests were filled with coffee and chocolate. In seminars and workshops, 5 thousand people received training on coffee. In the festival where local coffees such as Turkish coffee, mirara and dibek coffee were not forgotten, 18 thousand cups of local coffee were consumed. All coffee lovers also tasted 50 thousand cups of coffee.

Entertainment and music

Babylon, which directs the music and entertainment life of the city, as well as national and international coffee brands, at the festival where three cars of the Haydarpaşa Train Station are used, along with compartments and wagons. Popular names such as Uninvited Jazz Band, Biz, Swing Mama, Barış Demirel, Cihan Murtezaoğlu, Palmiye, Nilipek, Gözyaşı Çetesi, Can Güngör, Çağıl Kaya and Burcu Tatlıses gave concerts to the participants with live performances.

Art, art, art…

The artists of 'Septette on Live Sheets Painting', who drew pictures with the inspiration they got from coffee, opened exhibitions with their giant works. In the drawings accompanied by the visitors, the guests both modeled and took the head of the knight. The 'video compartment' where documentaries and films about the history, production and culture of coffee are shown. sohbetmade of sohbet its compartment was the prominent colors of the festival.

Like a rainbow

Offering an unmissable experience for four days, Turkey and qualified coffee shops around the world, specialty coffees and signature food and beverage brands with coffee machine manufacturers to meet Istanbul Coffee Festival, also colorful with demonstrations and presentations from professional baristas. Tasting and refreshments; cupping, tasting, brewing methods, interactive workshops, workshops, sessions, interviews, films, concerts, exhibitions and many other interesting events took place in the workshops. The festival has become seventeen from the seventh to the festive festival.

Champion of coffee selected

Held across the globe on coffee, the only official organization by the World Coffee Events' auditions SCADA Turkey Turkey Istanbul's historic Haydarpasa Train Station Coffee for the festival was held in the atmosphere. The festival was organized both in Turkey and Coffee Championship elite firms coming together of the coffee world, was the rising trend of quality coffee experience to the participants.

Also; Barista, Latte Art, Turkish Coffee, Coffee Brewing, Coffee Roasting, such as 5 branch competition was held. contest winners of five different categories will represent Turkey at the World Championships; Ege Akyüz, Brewers-Brewing Competition Champion, April Ağca Barista Contest Champion, Özkan Yetik, Champion of Latte Art Contest, Hazal Ateşoğlu, Champion of Ibrik Cezve and Özgün Sarısoy, Roasting Roaster Champion.

The meeting point of coffee itself, its scent, all kinds of tools, coffee shops, culture, coffee books, and all kinds of coffee-related issues was experienced every day at the Istanbul Coffee Festival, which lasted for 4 days. Stating that the outgoing was admired in this festival; cupping, tasting experiences in workshops, introductions, sessions, talks, sohbetThere were moments full of activities such as s, quizzes, etc.

“Smells unity and love”

Correlated with players participating partner Bergüzar Khaled Ergeç, "one of his biggest festivals in Turkey. There is an incredible atmosphere here. Everywhere smells of coffee, energy, life and unity. Health for everyone's labor. ”

“The magic of coffee”

Gökhan Özoğuz, the favorite soloist of the Athena group, which we saw among the celebrities who attended the festival, said, “Actually there is nothing to say. Everyone who enters here is in a spell. Haydarpaşa is full of culture, full of art, full of music, full of fun. That sweet smell of coffee fascinates us all. ”

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