BursaRay malfunctioned meters occurred queue

BursaRay malfunctioned, many queues have formed: The lifeblood of transportation in Bursa BursaRay has failed, while the trips have been temporarily disrupted. In Bursa, the subway broke down, many lines were formed.

BursaRay's shutdowns were about half an hour due to the technical failure that occurred on a train at Demirtaşpaşa Station.

According to the information received from Bursa Transportation Mass Transportation Management Tourism Industry and Trade Inc. (BURULAŞ) officials, a technical malfunction occurred in a train at Demirtaşpaşa Station.

Due to malfunction, the voyages are disrupted for about half an hour. The fault occurred because of the density at the other stations.

After the malfunction of the train, the voyages returned to normal.

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