High speed train will make its first flight from Antalya in 2019

📩 07/12/2018 17:24

The high-speed train will make its first flight from Antalya in 2019: The ruling alone has excited Antalya the most. With the realization of the investments, Antalya will be lively for 12 months.

The completion of the general elections of deputies and the emergence of AK Party government opened the way for Antalya. Putting the most concrete project promises for Antalya before the election, the AK Party's instruction to take action for the promises at the FMC meeting held the previous day led the city to an excited wait. In 2023, Antalya sailed for 22 million tourists and 25 billion dollars of tourism income.

Antalya, which will host the G20 Summit in the middle of this month and EXPO 2016 starting from April 2016, will want to make use of this wind until the end of the promised investments. Antalya; The third airport is ready to fly with investments such as highways, high-speed train lines, ports, convention centers, new golf courses, and giant health facilities. Here are the main projects that AK Party announced to be held in Antalya before both June 7 and November 1 elections and aiming to keep the city alive for 12 months:

Antalya-Alanya-Gazipaşa will be connected by traffic light and safe highway. It will be connected to Ankara and Izmir, Antalya and Alanya by Antalya-Afyonkarahisar highway. With the Antalya-Mersin divided road, the 8-hour road will decrease to 5 hours. Uninterrupted transportation will be provided by Antalya Beach Road and the road divided from Gazipaşa to Kaş. Turkey's longest tunnel will be opened between Phenicia and Demre. High speed train will make its first flight from Antalya in 2019. It will be 4.5 hours between Antalya-Istanbul and 3 hours between Antalya-Ankara by high-speed train lines.

Antalya, which is two airports. It will be the first city to be the third airport after Istanbul. Caretta Caretta Airport will be constructed in one of the 3 locations whose suitability has been examined in West Antalya. Cruise ports will be built in Antalya Lara and Demre, and yachts will be built in districts, and an increase in maritime tourism will be achieved. Golf courses and sports centers will be launched for the development of winter tourism. 20 golf courses will be built from Kaş to Gazipaşa. Saklıkent Ski Center will be renewed, Akseki Göktepe and Alanya Akdağ ski centers will be put out to tender. In order to organize a big tournament like Wimbledon, a large tennis facility will be established in line with these championships. Velodrome for cycling and hippodrome for equestrian sports.

In addition to the congress centers under construction in Kepez and EXPO areas, a congress center integrated with the sea in Alanya and a congress and sports center will be established in Kemer. Organized industrial zones will be established in Alanya and Manavgat, food specialized organized industrial zone in Kumluca, specialized organized industrial zones will be established in Elmalı and Korkuteli. Antalya's sixth university will come to life in Manavgat.

Making a statement about the promises they made after the election, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Antalya Deputy Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said, “We will serve every corner of Antalya. We came out with our promises yesterday, and today we came for thanks. Now it's time to serve Antalya. We will bring more of our promises to Antalya. We will survive our Antalya class together. We will make Antalya not only the most popular city in the world, but also in Europe. We believe in this. Because we believe in you, we trust our Lord. We trust our nation. We achieve this because our love is Antalya. ”

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